Monday, 12 May 2014

Girl About Town || MAC Monday's

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 This week's MAC Mondays is on one of the most talked about MAC lipsticks and that is 'Girl About Town'. It's an amplified formula so it's very creamy like a cremesheen but with really high pigmentation of colour. I love Amplified lipsticks as they tend to last a lot longer on your lips than Cremesheen but they still have that lovely formula so are not at all drying which I tend to find with matte lipsticks. Girl About Town is a beautiful bold and bright fuschia shade and it's name suits it perfectly!

 I put off buying this for a long time because I always thought it was similar to MAC's 'Impassioned' which I already owned but it is not at all similar! It's a blue toned pink so it makes your teeth look whiter which lets admit it girls we all love that in a lipstick! I think this is the perfect shade for everyday in the Spring and Summer (if you're like me and like wearing bright lipstick during the day) and it also doubles up as the perfect lipstick for a night out. I always, always, always get compliments when I wear this lipstick and it's Gary's favourite one and if he notices that a makeup item is really nice then it's definitely a good'un!

 The main thing I love about this lipstick for a night out is that you can be assured that you can drink and yes you can kiss ladies! and this will still be on your lips. I usually only need to re-apply this once on a night out and in all honesty I probably don't even need to do that. So if you haven't tried Girl About Town and are looking for a new pink lipstick, get to MAC and give this a swatch- you'll fall in love!

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  1. A gorgeous MAC lipstick! One that needs to be in my collection soon!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. You definitely need this one in your makeup wardrobe hun! xxx


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