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Victoria's Secret Body Sprays anywhere in the UK?! || Discovery & Review

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 I was procrastinating the other day which is so unlike me....jokes I always do that and I ended up looking at Victoria's Secret Body Sprays which I'd heard amazing things about. Now if you're like me and love Victoria's Secret but don't live in America or anywhere near London then you'll know it's super expensive to do an online order. The online orders appear to come from America and it's like 22 dollars for one thing and it goes up the more you order or something crazy ridiculous like that! So obviously I was not gonna do that but I came across these on Amazon for around £6-£8 which is so good and I think they were free delivery aswell! Obviously they don't have as much choice as Victoria's Secret does but still very good!

  The first scent I chose was Secret Charm which is honeysuckle and jasmine and I must admit is my least favourite of the three scents but considering I was picking blind it's really good as I do still like it. The bottles are beautiful aswell and have a lovely pattern on the back of the bottle and I love that the liquid inside them is coloured too. Secret Charm is a very fresh smell and it's nice and subtle if you just want to smell like you're not wearing anything and just have nice smelling washing powder/shampoo/shower gel etc. This one actually reminds me of Cath Kidston's honeysuckle scent if you have given that a sniff before you'll know what I mean!

 The second one I got which has featured in my January favourites so I'm sure you all know I love this one by now is the Mango Temptation Spray. This smells super fruity, exactly like mango's and it's just an instant feel good spray. I love spraying this on after I've had a bath or in my hair and then my hair smells nice all day and quite often people will tell me 'aw your shampoo smells so good' and really it's not my shampoo it's this...shhh! If you love Mango or fruity smells though you will love this one and it's pink so you really need no more reason to buy it!

 The last one I put in my virtual shopping basket was Coconut Passion which smells like Vanilla and Coconut and holidays. To me this one just reminds me of when you're on the beach, by the sea and there's just that holiday smell with sun cream mixed in etc. Gary actually thinks this smells like the Bon-Bon sweets?? I've never tried them though so I can't vouch for that one but this is his favourite one and it's my very close second favourite. It's also featured in a favourites post of mine before which shows how nice this smells. It smells a little like the drink Malibu aswell so that's always a good thing unless you've had a pretty bad hangover after drinking Malibu then maybe not so much...

 Another thing I love about these bottles is that they look incredibly pretty on your dressing table because of the lovely colours and the nice bottles. The smells aren't extremely long lasting but they are only a spray not a perfume so it's pretty much what you'd expect from them. If you wanted to wear it as a perfume, you'd definitely need to spritz it on quite a few times throughout the day!

Have you tried Victoria's Secret Body Spray's? Which scents would you recommend?

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  1. Lovely review, so glad I stumbled on this post. I got the Hello Darling scent when I went on holiday and I've been searching for the Victoria Secret sprays everywhere because I ended up loving it so much. I obviously didn't think to look on Amazon, so much for being on a shopping ban.


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