Monday, 26 May 2014

MAC Monday's || Morange

Helllooo my lovelies,

 For this weeks MAC Monday I thought I would pick a lipstick that follows the current Spring/Summer trend and that is MAC's morange lipstick. It's an amplified formula so it's one of MAC's long lasting and very pigmented colours and as you all know I'm a massive fan of MAC's amplified lipsticks. I put off getting Morange for a long time and I think alot of people do because it is a bright colour and orange is a colour a lot of people don't think will suit them. However, I think it's not a case of it not suiting people, it's a case of getting comfortable with it yourself so you can wear it with confidence- beauty is confidence.

 There are a few drugstore orange lippies that I have tried but Morange is definitely my favourite out of them all. It's just the most true orange colour compared to 'In love with Ginger' by Rimmel which is more of a red toned orange and Revlon's 'Mischievous' which is a paler orange. Both are beautiful in their own right but the most orange lipstick is without a doubt Morange. It glides on and it probably lasts around 3 hours if you're eating and drinking a lot which isn't as long as an amplified lipstick normally does but it's not enough to put me off it.

 I always thought this would be a struggle with me being such a pale girl and there's no denying this looks better with a tan but I still like it whilst I'm pale. If you have olive skin and dark hair then this would be THE perfect colour for you as I think that's the skin tone that this really looks stunning on! It looks best with very simple make-up too, let the lipstick do the talking!

Have you tried MAC Morange?

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  1. I love this, not sure I could hand over £15 for it though as I bet I'd never wear it, it's such a gorgeous colour though!

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

    1. You'd be surprised hun! I felt like that too but I actually wear it so much more than I expected too :-) xx


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