Monday, 9 June 2014

Dollymix || MAC Mondays

Hellloo lovelies,

 For this weeks MAC Monday I thought I'd switch it up a bit and review one of their blushers. This was the first MAC blusher I ever bought and the reason I was initally drawn to it is of course because of it's gorgeous bright pink colour. I'm not the most massive fan of MAC blushers generally purely because I think there are equally good ones if not better available for similar prices and cheaper. However, I do really like the colour of Dollymix for giving the cheeks a pretty flush of colour with a hint of shimmer through it which personally I love in a blusher. I find if blushes have shimmer in then they make you look more glowy and glowy even a word? I think I've made a new word up there but you know what I mean guys.

  Dollymix is a sheertone shimmer blush however one thing I would say about it is you have to be extremely light handed because it can go on far too bright very easily and blusher is not a product that's easy to remove once its on. When you get the right amount on your brush though this colour looks gorgeous. I love how cute and girly the name 'Dollymix' is aswell and it was definitely an influential factor in me buying it!

Have you tried MAC Dollymix? What MAC blushers would you recommend?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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