Monday, 23 June 2014

Impassioned || MAC Monday's

 Hellooo lovelies,

 One of my favourite lipsticks from MAC is Impassioned which is a gorgeous bright pink lipstick (yes another pink shade!!). Fun fact.. it also happens to be all the Saturdays favourite MAC lipstick shade too! Impassioned is an amplified lipstick so it is incredibly long lasting and one you really don't have to worry about wearing off quickly or losing all your lip colour on the rim of a glass. It's not at all drying, glides onto the lips like a dream and is in true amplified style, incredibly pigmented.

 Impassioned is more of an orange toned pink so it's not going to make your teeth look really white but it is going to come off more of a corally pink instead of a bright fuschia. I think of this as a watermelon pink because it really does look like the inside of watermelon! I love this shade in the Summer months, it goes great with a tan and it just brightens your whole look up. This used to be my go to lipstick for a night out because it's so pretty and fun but now I reach for it more as an everyday lipstick or 'going out for dinner' etc lipstick.

  I think this is a lipstick shade that would look beautiful on absolutely anybody, I suit it when I'm pale and when I have fake tan on and I think this would look stunning on a darker skin tone.

Have you tried MAC's Impassioned lipstick? What's your favourite Summer lipstick?

Lots of Love,

A x x x 

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