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Fitness, Frozen, Food and Fashion || May Non-Beauty Favourites

 Hellooo lovelies,

  This month I've had quite a number of favourites that haven't been beauty related and personally one of my favourite posts to read are non-beauty favourites ones. So I thought I would let you into everything I've been loving this month that isn't beauty related. I've split it into categories to make it easier to just read the ones that you're interested in.

 At the start of the month I was super into health and fitness which I am planning to get back into but I've been injured for the last week which has been so frustrating. None the less while I have been able to use them my 'Slender Blend' weight loss protein was a big favourite because it enabled me to incorporate protein into my diet. I have a little more information about this in my health and fitness haul if you're interested. Along with my Slender Blend another favourite has been Almond Milk (never thought I'd hear myself say that!!) and the reason this is in my favourites is because I take it with my shakes. I do not like normal milk at all but almond milk is delicious with cereal, in shakes or with anything you need to add milk too so although I wouldn't drink a glass of it on it's own I have loved adding it to things. I really like the hazelnut version of it too, it just makes my shakes taste like blended Kinder Bueno (how I would imagine that to taste anyway...).

 My second fitness related favourite has been my Nike free runs because they're super comfy to run in and they even just look nice to chuck on with leggings if you're just going a walk or running a few errands. A not so favourite however is that I fell running wearing them and scuffed the toe of one of them so they don't look AS pretty anymore which I'm sooo gutted about. None the less they are an amazing shoe and I'm really glad I invested in a good pair of running shoes because I'm sure they'll last me a long long time as once your shoe size is settled it doesn't usually change.

 Yes, I am still OBSESSED with Frozen, I think my whole entire house know the soundtrack off by heart even though none of them except me have watched it. I have been obsessed with this ever since it came out on DVD, yes I was one of those people who bought it the week it came out and the obsession has not worn off yet. It's no secret that I love Disney but I thought I would throw this in here anyway, I love Olaf, he's hilarious and I think the storyline is fab. If you haven't seen Frozen but love Disney movies like Tangled then you will laaav this one! My favourite songs from the film are First Time In Forever and of course Do You Want To Build A Snowman.

 I have a serious addiction to Irn Bru, I don't even know how to describe what it tastes like but it's delicious. I don't think they have this anywhere outside of the UK that I have seen but it's a bright orange fruity, fizzy juice that originates from Scotland, yummy. I don't think you'll come across any shop that sells food and drink in Scotland that does not have Irn Bru for sale! If you can get this in other places other than the UK then let me know in the comments.

I have been loving my Boohoo boyfriend coat in rose with everything lately, after hunting so hard to get this coat I'm so glad I love it as much as I do. Although the weather is warmer I have been wearing this as much as I can and it's great for everything, it goes with really formal outfits nicely but it's also ideal for chucking on when it's a chilly night to walk the dog. They do them in so many different colours too- I have my eye on a gorgeous baby blue one but I definitely do not need anymore coats...willpower!

 Another fashion related thing I have been loving is statement necklaces, they're on trend and they instantly pull an outfit together and make you look like you've made more effort when you haven't. My two favourites this month have been my blue Accessorize one which I love with white outfits and blue outfits and my Primark pastel one which goes with almost every outfit. I definitely will be buying more statement necklaces soon!

 Throwback to the 90's but I am a 90's kid after all and I've been loving going back in time with my jelly shoes and scrunchies! This month I have been massively into scrunchies, I think they make a ponytail look much more interesting and when I've been going on runs and having to tie my hair up these have been perfect. My favourite is of course the hot pink one and I also really like the royal blue one. I've also been loving wearing them round a bun too, the floral one is especially nice for that. I actually got mine from ebay for around £2 each but I think quite a few high street shops are selling them now too.

TV Programmes
  This month I've loved Coronation Street which I always love but its been extra dramatic lately. I love the whole Tina storyline and how Rob has now managed to frame his sister for murder in an attempt to protect her, it's so clever. I always love the humour in Corrie too, never fails to make me laugh.

 Probably my most favourite tv programme of the month though has been Happy Valley which is a six part crime drama. If you liked Broadchurch last year then you will LOVE this programme, I don't want to say too much about it incase you want to watch it but basically it starts off with a police woman who's daughter was raped, got pregnant, had the son then killed herself. The rapist never got put in prison for his crime but got imprisoned for drug offences but now he's released and she wants to make sure he's convicted for what he did to her daughter. There's a much bigger storyline running through it which was fascinating to watch unfold but I'll keep that a secret so you can find out for yourself...get over to BBC iplayer and catch up quick.

 I always love finding new apps to use so I thought this would be a good category to throw in here. My two favourite apps this month I've actually had for a while but had stopped playing them and I've massively got back into them. The first is Hayday which is kind of like what farmville was like on facebook years ago and if you don't remember that then its a farm where you get to plant crops then buy machines to turn them into products. There's also animals to look after to produce milk, bacon and wool etc, a mine to get jewels from, a fishing area and they also now have a seperate town where you can sell your products in various buildings. The only thing about this game that annoys me is the length of time it takes to level up..I have been level 48 for a very long time. If you do play hayday then add me through the game centre, my name is 'drunkoffeachother'.

The second app I have been loving is called 'Tiny Tower' which is another time consuming one but it's great to do when you're waiting for appointments or on your break at work as it only takes a few minutes. It's more of a low maintenance game than say Sims etc because you don't have to sit on it to play it, it can do most of the things in the background. The aim of the game is to build a tower as high as you can with both shops and flats for the shop workers to stay in and some of the floors are stables, nightclub, diner, shoe shop, court, pizzeria, pub etc. You can also match the people to their 'dream job' and find a job that matches their personality best. It's just a great little time waster really!

 This month the music I have been loving is by a girl called Katie Sky. I hadn't heard of her before but I stumbled across her music on youtube and it's absolutely amazing, all I have done since discovering her is listen to her music. Her lyrics are very meaningful and she has a stunning tone to her voice, it's beyond me how every radio station everywhere is not playing her music yet because she's my all time favourite artist at the moment! My favourites are 'Monsters', 'Sweet Sweet Melody' and 'Only You'. Have a listen to her on spotify or youtube and let me know if you love her as much as me.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the lifestyle things that I have loved during the month of May! What things have you been loving!?

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