Sunday, 1 June 2014

"Give a Girl The Right Shoes and She Can Conquer The World" || Haul

Hey my lovelies,

I have a haul for you beauties today and it's just a small haul because I feel these shoes deserve a post of their own. In true Abby style I walked into the shop intending to get one pair of shoes (which I had already put aside to try and avoid this situation occurring) yet ended up leaving the store with two pairs...oopsy!

Ignore badly painted toe nails..I did them in a rush for this picture!

How gorgeous are these babies!? I fell in love and could not leave them behind, I love the colour, I love the style and I bet they will be super comfy too because they're really high but they also have a really high wedge. So that's definitely something my feet will thank me for! The colour of these also matched my Boohoo coat and my Accessorize bag perfectly so they were too good to leave behind!

 The second pair of shoes I picked up are ones I actually already have but I've totally trashed them. I've worn them to death and they have pieces of glass in them from clubs and they're just not pretty anymore and I have worn the heel down beyond repair. Therefore the only logical thing to do was to buy another pair right?! ... Definitely my kind of solution! I have the exact same pair in red too and I love them but they definitely are not as wearable as the black pair.


What are your favourite shoes?!

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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