Friday, 27 June 2014

Nike, Topshop, Misguided & More || Haul

 Hellooo loves,

 I've been shopping agaaaain! Sorry I can't help it, I'm a shopaholic but at least that means lots of hauls for you guys! I do have another haul coming up soon too but I split it into two separate hauls otherwise it would have been a maaaassive haul so keep your eyes peeled for that. Firstly I want to apologise for the lighting, after the amazing heatwave we're back to really cloudy weather here which makes for really dark and grey photos but hopefully the sun makes a reappearance soon!

 The first thing I got is new shoes for work because I was in desperate need of comfy work shoes. As anyone who works in retail will tell you it is a feet KILLER so comfy shoes are a must.. I salute anyone who works in retail full time (your poor feet!!!). So I went with these brogues from Clarks, the style name is 'Hotel Image' and the colour is Mushroom. I really love brogues, there's something really quaint and cute about them but cut out brogues!? Even more amazing! They are really comfy although they did start to rub into my heels after I wore them with bare feet because mines are a tiny bit too big for me but they're fine now. They also look really cute with frilly socks or any sock that has a nice pattern because you can see it through the cut outs. Excuse the scuffed toes of mine, work ruins the tops of my shoes from always having to kneel on the floor (I realise I sound like a prostitute here but I promise you I am not hahaha). I also really love these outside of work too with pretty much everything so they are very well loved. They cost £65 but with my discount I got them for £16.50, bargain right?!

 The second pair of shoes I got I didn't actually buy and was a very lucky girl because my boyfriend treated me to these. As some of you might know I fell wearing my other running shoes and was so upset because the toe was scuffed and I had a poorly knee so he bought me these ones to cheer me up. I love having black free runs because they go with everything and they are the comfiest shoe but don't worry I still wear my old ones for running and walking in! If I could wear Nike free runs for the rest of my life I probably would... it's like walking on clouds and they're great for driving in too!

 The next thing I got was another work related purchase, more black Leigh jeans and it's scary how faded your old black jeans look when you put a new pair next to them eeeek. I love Leigh jeans because they're super comfy and of course I will wear them outside of work too!

 The last thing I got was a pink cardigan and I'm not sure why I bought this because I didn't need it at all but probably because it was pink I got sucked in (shock!). I think this would look nice with denim shorts and a crop top but I also love throwing it on with anything when I'm cold. It's from Misguided in a Small to Medium and it does sit quite big on me so if you're any smaller than an 8 this style probably will be too big for you.

 That's all for now but I will be back with another haul very soon! What is your favourite purchase that I got?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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