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Orange Lips Collection || S/S 14 trend

Hellooo lovelies,

 As you're all probably very much aware by now the colour orange is massive this season especially on your lips and it's a colour a lot of us girls shy away from because it's so bold and vibrant. I have really got into orange lips though and have managed to build up quite the collection of orange lip shades which I really like and hopefully you'll find a shade of orange you like from it too.

Orange Punch
 A more muted orange that is ideal for newbies breaking into the orange trend is Bourjois' Orange Punch which is a very sheer dark orange. I would happily wear this before I got into orange when I was still shying away from the brighter bolder oranges. It actually is more of a orange toned coral shade because it is that muted so if you want to wear the trend but are a little self concious in it then try this one first.

 More of a pale orange that I have in my collection is Mischievous which is one of Revlon's matte balms which I think is slightly too pale for me on it's own but I love mixing it with other orange shades. It's a really nice shade on it's own if you are looking for a lighter orange that's not as bright and out there but personally I prefer the more brighter, darker orange shades now. I did really love this when I wasn't quite brave enough to pull off Morange and In Love With Ginger though!

In Love With Ginger
 Rimmel Londons 'In Love With Ginger' is one of my absolute favourite shades out of my whole lipstick collection. It's more of a red toned orange so it's still very wearable and for those who love their red lipsticks this is the perfect jump from red to orange without feeling too 'out there' and wild. It is one of the nicest formula's that I've found in a lipstick, so creamy and moisturising. If you hate lipstick clinging to dry patches then this is the one for you because it will instantly rehydrate any dry areas on your lips meaning you get to skip the whole lip scrub and lip balm routine before applying. I loveeee the name as well because it reminds me of one of my childhood friends from school who has the most stunning ginger hair...anyways sidetracked, basically it's a good'un!

MAC Morange
Probably my most favourite orange lipstick though and admittedly a little bit of a splurge is MAC's Morange. I ummed and aahed about this but in the end bought it anyway...shock! As you can see I bought so many drugstore shades of orange trying to get a morange dupe but none of them were ever a close enough match so I ended up having to buy it anyway. Moral of the story is just buy what you want in the first place and you won't spend more trying to get a replacement then buying the original anyway (or do and you get 3 bonus lipsticks hehe). It's an amplified lipstick so it is long lasting but not as long lasting as most of MAC's amplified lipsticks, I'm not entirely sure why but that's what I have found with this. I've done a more in depth review of this which I'll link here.

L-R 'Mischievous', 'Morange', 'In Love With Ginger' and 'Orange Punch'
What's your favourite orange lipstick shade? 

Lots of Love,
A x x x 

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