Thursday, 26 June 2014

Festival Essentials

Since it's coming up for festival season I thought I would put together some 'essentials' that will definitely make your time a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. I'm not going to a festival this year so I'm super jealous of anybody who is going but if I was going to one, this is what I'd take with me!

 First things first is wellie boots, if you're going to a festival in the UK then there's a good chance that the sun will not shine the whole time for you (I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tho). However, even if the sun does shine the whole time, festivals always get really muddy with so many people walking over a small space so wellie boots are essential! I personally love my Hunter wellies because they're so comfy and just look a little more glam than your average green farmers welly!

 LADIES, the one thing we all dread when going to a festival is how will I cope with not having anything to style my hair with, how will I cope without being able to wash my hair etc. So my top things to take to combat this is firstly dry shampoo, I have this one for brown hair from Superdrug which I really like because it doesn't leave that horrible grey film in your hair. I really like the Batiste  and Ruth Crilly's 'Collab' ones too though! This will help give your hair volume and hide any signs of grease or excess oils. Another must have is pretty hair accessories, floral headbands and pretty scrunchies that will make your hair look a lot prettier and help you pull off that unwashed look. My last hair essential is a salt spray because this will add to the boho look and stop your hair looking lank so it's definitely one to pack (if you've got room).

Facial wipes are a must have and it's probably the only time you'll hear me recommend them but at a festival you're not really in the best positon to be whipping out your flannel and cleanser so your skin will cope for a few days! They're also really handy to have for wiping off any mud or spillages too. I'd also really recommend taking a hand sanitizer because if you're having to use the horrible little toilet cubicles then trust me you'll definitely want some of this. They're also really handy to keep on you for before you eat and to wash off any mud or dirt.

The next thing isn't really an essential but personally I think it is really handy and it's a battery powered razor. I think these are great because since you'll probably be showing a lot of leg there is NOTHING more annoying than spotting a pesky few hairs that you've missed and to get rid of any fast growing hairs! I'd also recommend taking a body spray because it's more travel friendly than a perfume and can double up as a deodorant too.

Make-up wise I have added a few things I would definitely take with me, obviously a lot of people like to go make-up free at festivals which is great but I know I definitely do not!! I would skip your foundation and just go for a concealer because you can cover up any imperfections with that and you don't want to be carrying a glass bottle round. The next make-up item that I could not even go a whole weekend without is mascara, it instantly perks up your face and without it I look facially naked so it's a definite must have for me. The last make-up thing I would take is a bright lipstick because it'll instantly cheer your face up and you'll not miss the rest of your make-up (too much). My two picks would be Rimmel London's 'in love with ginger' and 'as you want victoria' because you can't go wrong with a bright fuschia pink and a bright orange.

You definitely need to pack some suncream because if it's sunny you don't want to be getting sunburn especially if you don't have much with you to relieve it. My one is Hawaiian Tropic which is my favourite because it's oil based and it smells amaaaazing, like holidays and coconuts. Lip balm is another thing you musn't forget because again if the sun makes an appearance you don't want your lips to burn, it's the one part of our bodies (along with the soles of the feet) that everyone seems to forget about. Ideally pick a lip balm with SPF but it's not essential aslong as you keep them moisturised.

This ones a bit boring but still important to remember, make sure you take some form of painkiller because if you get sunstroke or a headache you don't want to have to miss out on the fun because you're lying in your tent alone feeling unwell.

 The final essential is earphones or ear plugs. Festivals can be really noisy places and quite often the party never dies down so if you plan on getting any sleep at all then investing in some ear plugs would probably be a really good idea!

That's all my advice lovelies, if you are off to a festival then please leave in the comments below which one you're going too and most importantly have an amazing time!

Lots of Love,


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