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Eucerin Cleanser || Skincare Saturdays

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 Quite a while back I did a series called Skincare Saturdays on my blog and a lot of you seemed to quite like it but when I ran out of skincare that I actually used I stopped posting them. I've recently found quite a few new skincare products so I thought I'd start up this series again and share those with you!

 I've had this Eucerin cleanser* for a while now but I properly wanted to try it out before reviewing it because I know how important it is to get skincare right and I really don't want to recommend anything that would be bad for your skin. It's a dermo purifier cleanser and it's aimed for people who have blemish prone or oily skin, firstly my skin is not very oily, it's usually normal but it is blemish prone. So this review is based on people who have normal skin, oily skin or blemish prone skin.


Firstly the packaging, relatively unimportant but at the same time it is the first thing that draws us to a product. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with this packaging but it's just pretty bland and simple, it isn't something that would jump out at me on a shelf/website. However, this is a simple, no frills cleanser, it does what it's meant to do and nothing extra so I guess it's packaging does resemble that. I also quite like the white and lime combination but it's definitely not a show stopper in the world of packaging. I do really like the clip down lid design though because there has been no leakages, no loss of product and no mess which I'm all for!


 Onto the most important part, the product itself. It comes out the tube clear which I quite like because it helps reaffirm that the product is good for your skin and doesn't contain anything bad for it. Also I always find it quite weird rubbing in a coloured product when I'm meant to be cleansing my skin...anyone else?? It is soap and fragrance free which is obviously good for your skin but I prefer my products to have a nice smell but if you don't you will love this because it just smells clean and fresh.

  It also contains salicylic acid which I don't know a great deal about but I do know that it is great for fighting spots which is what this cleanser aims to do. I can't say I've noticed a massive difference in my skin not getting spots but it's a pretty hard thing to judge since spots can be influenced by a massive number of factors. However, this certainly did not break me out and I did notice that it seemed to reduce redness in any blemishes I already had on my face. Eucerin claims that this will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and supple and I would completely agree with this, after using it my skin always feels squeaky clean.

 The dermo purifier can be used to remove makeup so you don't need to worry about using a makeup remover before this but personally I've been using my Bioderma to remove my makeup first and then this after to remove any excess makeup and to cleanse the skin. I do this because with the cleanser you have to avoid your eyes so I imagine trying to remove eye makeup with this would not be a great lot of fun.... Eucerin do have an eye makeup cleanser online though which would probably work quite well with this.

Price Point

 You can buy this product from Escentual for £9 BUT they have 1/3 off all Eucerin products for the whole of June so I'd totally recommend heading over there and stocking up as this is £6.00 at the moment. For £9 I'd say it is worth it especially if you have problematic skin then I'd recommend this one because its very fresh, clean and only contains things that are going to benefit your skin unlike a lot of cleansers. However, if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this because the salicylic acid in it can be quite drying as a few times after applying I wanted to use a moisturiser so it would definitely really dry out dry prone skin. As a Eucerin newbie I really like their brand and would definitely love to try a few more products by them in the future!

Have you tried any Eucerin products before? 

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