Friday, 20 June 2014

Life Changing Tip || The Tanning Edit

Hellooo lovelies,

 Recently I discovered a way of fake tanning that has made my life so much easier and I just had to share it with you all. Ever been in that situation where you're fake tanning and nobody is there to help you or I'll rephrase that nobody is there that is both willing and capable of helping you apply your tan in those areas that you just can't reach by yourself.

 After so long of bribing my mum and little sister to apply my tan or trying to teach Gary to no avail on how to apply tan in circles and how to NOT get it on his own hands and wrists (don't ask) and even doing some weird body contortions I have found the fix. Even better? ... I have found a CHEAP fix done with three household items that you will 100% already have in your house.

 Things you will need:- 
1) A tanning mitt which assuming you fake tan you'll probably already have kicking around.
2) Fake tan, mines is St Tropez but any tan will do.
3) A hair bobble which is an essential for all girls after a long day at work/school.
4) A wooden spoon which every kitchen has.

Then what you do is put the mitt on the wooden spoon and you could just leave it there but the reality is the mitt will most likely slide off the spoon when you're twisting at those bizarre angles. Soo what will stop that you ask? Adding a simple hair bobble. It can be really tricky to tie this tight enough so it won't slip off without snapping the bobble but work with it and you'll never look back I promise. My back has never looked so well tanned and now I can tan as late as I like whenever I like because I don't need to rely anyone else. Also ideal for when you have a backless dress to wear or a bikini if you're going on holiday and pre-tanning!

If you try this tip then be sure to let me know how you get on! What is your number one tanning tip?

Lots of Love,

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