Monday, 30 June 2014

Honey Love || MAC Monday's

Hellooo lovelies,

 Honey Love is one of the few matte lipsticks from MAC that I actually do enjoy using. I am very much a cremesheen or amplified kinda girl and I don't like anything too drying on my lips because I hate that feeling when you rub your lips together and it's all dry. So if I can find a lipstick that's matte but still feels nice and creamy on my lips then it's a winner and this is certainly that.

 The colour of this is definitely a brown nude which I never imagined that I would like but it's one of those ones you really need to try it to fall in love with it. It's completely opaque which I love because it gives you a true nude lip colour without your natural lip showing through at all.. if that makes any sense. It's a great colour if you want to go crazy with your eye make-up because it keeps things nice and simple on the lips whilst still being chic. Honey Love is one of my most favourite MAC lipstick names too because it's super cute and it sounds really summery and sweet.

 As always it has the classic black packaging and the standard vanilla scent/taste which I looove.

 Have you tried MAC Honey Love? What matte MAC lipsticks would you recommend?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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