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L'Oreal True Match Foundation || Review

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 As some of you may remember a few weeks ago I did a haul showing my new L'oreal True Match Foundations that I had bought. I had got stuck in a bit of a rut with my foundations and I only ever really used Nars Sheer Glow or Rimmel Wake Me Up. In fact in my whole entire life I have only ever purchased two drug store foundations (which is craaazy for a beauty blogger), I guess I always thought it was worth investing more when it came to your skin. However, there are some fabulous drug store bases out there and upon hearing that L'Oreal True Match was a dupe for the well loved Georgio Armani Luminous silk foundation I just had to give it a go.

 The packaging of this product is nothing particularly special but I actually quite like the simplicity of it and I love that it has a silver lid. This instantly makes it look a lot more chic than your average drug store foundation. A massive plus for me is that it has a pump because my bug bear is when foundations do not have a pump because it becomes impossible to get the amount of product out that you need. It's mainly the high end brands that pull the no pump stunt off though to get you to spend more of your money.

 The consistency of this product actually really surprised me because it was a lot runnier than I expected. It has a consistency very similar to MAC's face and body so it runs very quickly and needs to be worked with quickly to avoid any foundation running onto clothes situations etc. This doesn't necessarily bother me but I do prefer to have a slightly longer time to work with it just in case I get distracted whilst doing my makeup. It's super blendable though and buffs into the skin really nicely.

Colour Match
 In terms of colour range, this foundation has got to be the best out there from the drug store. I've actually never come across a foundation with such an amazing colour range other than MAC before. It has every shade you could possibly ask for including cool, warm and neutral tones, however not every Boots store stocks every single shade available so make sure to keep an eye on that. I got mines in N2 for when I'm pale which is called 'Vanilla' purely because I felt the lightest neutral shade was a tad too light for me. Who knew there was a foundation TOO LIGHT for me when I don't have tan on, I was shocked too! The second shade I got was for when I am tanned either naturally or fake which is pretty much most days during the Summer is 'Golden Natural' which is the fourth warm shade. It has SPF 15 in it too so it's fabulous for during the Summer but beware of the flashback it will give if getting photo's taken so it's definitely one to avoid for prom, weddings, club nights etc.

 This foundation definitely is not a full coverage foundation but I would say it could certainly be built up to be one. I'd say it's light to medium coverage, it covers the redness of spots but it definitely wouldn't completely mask your face and hide them completely. I personally would say it's the ideal consistency of a foundation for this time of year.

 I've been trialing this foundation since I got it and it's lasted all day every day for me. It's very long lasting on my skin and I would say I have normal to oily skin. Occasionally I have used a primer under it if I've been applying make-up really early in the morning and needing it to last till late at night but other than that it's done the job great!

 This foundation is slightly more pricy than other drug store foundations but only by a pound or two so I would say it's 100% worth the money. If it is a dupe for the Georgio Armani (which unfortunately I can't vouch for having not tried it) then it's definitely the one to buy because it's significantly cheaper.

Have you tried L'Oreal True Match? What did you think of it?

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