Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cocktails and Pretty Nails || Sleeping Beauty Event

 Hellooo lovelies,

 Last Tuesday I attended a bloggers event at the Sleeping Beauty Salon just off Princes Street in Edinburgh where I was well and truly spoilt by the amazing staff there. Don't panic if you don't stay in Edinburgh though because there are six Sleeping Beauty salons throughout Scotland, sorry if you don't live in Scotland but hopefully you'll enjoy this post anyway!

 Firstly we were warmly welcomed and given a peach mohjito which tasted amazing and also there were absolutely stunning cupcakes (equally delicious) for us which I could have honestly eaten far more of than I probably should. They were actually from a company called Liggy's cakes which is also on William Street so if you live near Edinburgh (or Glasgow as there's one there) and are looking for a special handmade cake then check out their website. Then there was an appointment sheet where we could book in for various appointments such as party lashes, eyebrow waxing/threading, manicures and pedicures.

 First of all I went and sat downstairs with the gorgeous Amy who blogs beauty for ScotCampus and we had a lovely chat while we waited for an appointment to get our nails done. The Sleeping Beauty is so much bigger inside than you expect it to be it even has a lift which I think is fabulous for disabled customers or for those with buggies etc! The downstairs room Amy and I were waiting in was stunning it had lovely candles (that smelled equally amazing) and it had two really comfy loungers, it was so relaxing we honestly could have gone for a nap!

I got shellac nails done because standard nail polish always chips on me and never lasts very long so I'm always up for a gel mani! There were many many colours to chose from and I was a bit stuck between white and pink but in the end I went for my true love pink (CND tutti frutti to be precise). I was really impressed with them buuut I do have to say that one of my nails has chipped already which I am disappointed with because it had only been four days and I'd expect that from a regular nail polish but not a gel one. Whether that was the polish I chose or it could also be the fact that my nails are very weak and brittle but I'd definitely be willing to give them another go because the atmosphere is amazing and all the other girls mani's seem to be holding up well!

 The next treatment I was lucky enough to experience was the party lashes and the lashes that the salon use are Millie Mackintosh ones (from Made In Chelsea) and I was really excited to try them because I've heard amazing things about them. There was soo many styles to choose from but in the end I went for Shoreditch ones because they looked beautiful and they're one of the names I could remember hearing a lot about. Obviously nobody can apply eyelashes on you better than you but my beauty therapist did a very good job! Apparently the eyelashes can be kept on for a few days too but I don't know about that because I had to take mine off that night as I had heavy makeup on underneath that would not have been great to sleep in (and still look great the next day). You do get to keep the lashes though and they also come with mini tweezers and an eyelash glue which would be great for applying on the go!

 The next cocktail that their mixologist made me was a raspberry cosmopolitan which was also really gorgeous!

 The last treatment that I was treated too was a shellac pedicure. Definitely really happy about this because gel pedicures are amazing for Summer as toenails grow so slowly that they will last you the whole Summer and you don't need to worry about painting your toes. We've all been there when it suddenly gets sunny and your caught out with your hairy legs and half painted toe nails, this will solve one of these issues!! They're great for holidays too because I personally find regular nail polish just melts off in such intense heat and the pool can chip them too so gel nails are essential. I have dancers feet so they're all horrible and mishapen but for the purpose of being a good blogger I shall show you my pedicure! I went for pink shellac again (defo a pink addict) it was the CND bikini pink polish if anyone is interested. It reminds me of MAC's impassioned lipstick and my finger nails remind me of MAC's Girl About Town (apparently I'm also a MAC addict!). Again the pedicure treatment room was soo relaxing with little candles in lanterns and relaxing music playing.. you really could fall asleep and apparently a lot of their clients do drift off... I can definitely see why!

 Another nice aspect about this salon is that they actually have their own brand of products, of which my favourite were their candles. They smelt absolutely gorgeous!!

 They also have a wide range of Elemis products available, some of which they use in their treatments and some of which you can buy for personal use!

 We also got a very generous goody bag, I was overwhelmed by how kind the Sleeping Beauty Salon were, they truly spoilt us bloggers! I always love seeing what people got in goody bags from events so I thought I'd share what was in ours with you.

 I was so happy to see one of their own candles in my goody bag because I loved the smell of them so much and I love how cute this little heart shaped one is. It looks (and smells) gorgeous on my window ledge. We also got two little Sleeping Beauty chocolates.

 I was also really excited to see an Elemis set in my goody bag because I've always wanted to try Elemis products but never quite got round to it. The products included were Pro-Collagen marine cream, pro-radiance cream cleanser, pro-radiance hand and nail care, jasmine and rose milk bath and advanced brightening even tone serum. I may well do a review on these products soon!

 We also got a Dr. Bronner's magic soap and a Voys bright eyes cream.

 Probably the most exciting things in my goody bag though were a full size St Tropez tan (I told you they were generous) and a mitt to go with it. I love this fake tan and I'd literally used my last of it before going to this event so it was fab to get a new one and the mitts are very luxurious so I'm looking forward to using these.

 I obviously still have my reusable Millie lashes which I will definitely be wearing again soon!

 Finally we were given a voucher to arrange a complimentary Lava Shell treatment which sounds absolutely amazing. I love getting massages especially were heat is involved because I regularly get a sore back so I'm most definitely looking forward to this.

Thank you so much for having me Sleeping Beauty Salon. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
What's your favourite pamper treatment?

Lots of Love,

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