Monday, 28 July 2014

MAC Foundation Shades Explained || MAC Mondays

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 One thing I'm frequently asked is 'how do I know what shade of foundation I will be in MAC' or 'How do MAC foundation shades work' so I thought I should do a blog post explaining how it works.

 MAC do their foundations C for cool and W for warm and they sort of do it in reverse of everyone else. So if you have warm toned skin with yellow/olive undertones then you want to go for a cool foundation to counteract this. If you have cool toned skin with pink undertones then you need a warm toned foundation to counteract this. Alternatively if you have a pretty even skin tone already you could go for one of MAC's neutral shades which is represented by the letter N.

 Also with MAC, all their foundations are different shade range's because of their formula's so just because you're a NW15 in Studio Fix doesn't mean you'll be a NW15 in Face and Body or their other foundations. So always get matched and get a sample of each different foundation you want to try! 

 If you're ordering online though or just don't trust the person who's matching you then the first thing to do is work out the skin tone that you have. There are two ways of telling whether you're warm toned or cool toned and the proper way to do it is by looking at the colour of your veins. If you have blue/purple veins then there's a good chance you have a cool skin tone and if you have more greeny blue toned veins then you're most likely warm toned. The easiest way however is to work out which skin tone you have though is what jewelry do you suit most? People who have cooler toned skin always suit silver jewelry better whereas warmer toned skin goes best with gold metal. Think of tanned Spanish woman.... gold jewelry flatters their skin better doesn't it? compared with someone who has a paler more translucent skin tone who will suit a silver piece of jewelry more. So once you have your skin tone sorted you just need to pick a number, the lower the number the paler the colour. A little bit of guess work may be needed for those ordering online based on your usual foundation shades but if you live near a counter definitely get yourself matched up! 

Hopefully that's helped clear up some of the confusion over how MAC foundation shades work and how to work out which skin tone you are.

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