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Essence UK Launch || Haul & Review

 Hellooo lovelies,

 So a month or so back I was invited by the lovely people over at Essence to their UK launch event in either Manchester or London. However, both these cities are so far for me that the travel expenses of getting there were just unjustifiable. I was so happy when they contacted me again saying they would send me out some of their new goodies to try!!

 The first thing I was sent was their pure skin moistuizing make-up which I would say is between a BB cream and a foundation. It doesn't quite have as long lasting properties as a foundation but I would say it gives a lot more coverage than a BB cream. I've been loving wearing this on days where I don't really want to wear foundation but I don't really want to be bare faced or if I want coverage but I'm not really going out for very long. It lasts around 4-5 hours on my skin which is still really good for a drugstore product and I would imagine it would last longer on drier skin and with a primer used underneath it. I was also very impressed that Essence managed to give me the correct shade for my skintone as I noticed someone paler than me has been sent a paler shade. I really like when PR companies take the time to look at the bloggers blog and pick things out suitable for them etc, not really relevant to the product but just something I really like. Mines was in the shade 02 sand.

 I don't know how this does with fighting spots but my skin certainly has not been breaking out and the product has a very anti-septic smell so it smells like it would keep spots away. I actually do really like this product and will continue to use it.

  The next thing I got was the Essence all eyes on me mascara which I actually didn't hold out high hopes for. As I've mentioned previously I'm very dubious when it comes to drug store mascaras and the packaging although cheerful doesn't automatically scream that the product will be great. However, I was very pleased to see that it actually works really well. If I'm completely honest it won't replace my all time favourite mascara but I've loved using this for top ups to my regular mascara, for bottom lashes and for those days where I don't really need make-up on but just want that little something. I really like that it's waterproof too because my everyday mascara isn't! It's definitely the one to buy for those on a budget though as you can pick it up at Wilkinsons for only £2.00 which is an absolute bargain.

 I love liquid eyeliners so I was really excited to see that Essence have one to see if it's good because we all love a bargain! I like this packaging a lot better than the mascara's because it looks less cheap with just the black and the blue. The liner nib is a thin black brush and I usually prefer a pen nib type eyeliner but this actually worked really well because the bristles don't split apart so it gives the same effect as a pen nib. I really really liked this product, it lasted well and it came out black which even more expensive eyeliners often fail at. Overall I think this is a steal for only £2.50 and it's also waterproof which is fabulous at helping it last longer than a normal liquid liner.

 I was also sent their regular black jumbo eye liner which I was slightly worried about because jumbo products are usually never as good in quality. However, although being slightly trickier to use than a smaller liner pencil it's quality is still fab, really black and really long lasting. I also like the packaging of this with the black and the pink.

 One of my favourite things that I received though was this xxxl shine lipgloss in bright side of life which is a gorgeous shimmery peach shade. I am in love with this gloss, it's the perfect Summer colour and the name is so cute and I'm a sucker for cute names. I've also been loving using lip glosses a lot more in the Summer weather because there's less wind to blow my hair into it! The best part of these is they only cost £1.80 so if you need a good and cheap lipgloss then get yourself over to Wilkinsons!

 My most favourite product though is this blush up powder blush in heatwave which again has an amazing name which suits the blusher really well. I love blushers like these because you really get your moneys worth when it's a three/four shade in one blusher. You get the orange shade on it's own, the middle coral/pink shade on it's own, the dark pink on it's own or swipe across all three and get a mixture. I've used this every single day without fail since I received this so if you've liked my blusher in any recent pictures then this is what I've had on. I usually go for the middle pinky shade or all three together. This only costs £3.50 which I think is great for effectively four different blusher shades!

Bright side of life lipgloss and blusher shades 

Overall I'm so impressed with Essence products and I can't wait to try out more of them. Have you tried any of Essences products?

Lots of Love,

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