Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Filling Station Relaunch || VIP Night

Heyyy beauties,

 Last week I was invited to the Filling Stations royal mile branch for their VIP night for the relaunch of their restaurant. It has all been revamped and the menu has been tweaked to perfection and the most exciting part was that I was allowed to bring Gary too! I really liked that because normally I can't really involve him with my blog things and he now thinks it's the coolest thing ever to have a girlfriend who blogs after his free dinner and drinks!

 I was super excited about the menu too because as a very fussy eater it's extremely rare for me to find a restaurant that actually does one food I love let alone multiple ones but having seen their menu I knew it would be a good night!

 When we arrived at the event there was swish red carpet and gorgeous girls cheerleading outside -very fancy, we were handed a glass of Prosecco and shown to our table. Our lovely waiter for the night Shaun brought out the barbeque board and the salted pretzels with garlic dip to start. I didn't like anything off the BBQ board (obv) cause it's all meats and fish but Gary vouched for the fact that it was delicious and I think he was quite happy to have the board to himself. The pretzels are my favourite thing eveeeer, I can't believe I'd never had anything before, I loved the garlic dip too! If i could eat these every day then I most definitely would eeeek. 

Delicious raspberry mojito
   For our main courses I chose macaroni cheese obviously because it's my favourite food eveeer and Shaun also brought me a side of chips with it. I'm not gonna lie it obviously was not as good as my grans homemade mac n cheese but it was still delicious. I couldn't anywhere near finish it no matter how much I wanted too (here I was starting to regret stuffing my face with all the pretzels) and I almost cried at not being able to finish the food. Fun fact I actually starved myself all day to allow room for maximum food that night because I knew I'd be spoilt and I stilllll got stuffed! Gary ordered a burger which actually came with a jacket potato AND chips??? I've never heard of that before but that's such amazing value for money! He said they tasted really nice too and even though he can eat for Britain he couldn't finish it all either.

This was all I could manage because I was sooo stuffed!! Nearly cried having to leave it it tasted so good!
Gary's meal and my side of chips!
We were defeated, couple vs food!
  We then had a massive break to make room for dessert because after looking at the mouth watering menu there was no way we were missing that part out no matter how much our tummies were bulging! I went for the Mint Oreo Sundae because I love Oreo's and I love mint choc chip ice cream so it was a bit of a no brainer really. It was so scrummy, it had big chunks of oreo in it which was so so tasty, again was very gutted that I didn't have the room to finish it all but I'd have been there till the next day trying I was soo full. Gary went for the new york vanilla cheesecake which looked delicious and I did have a sneaky bite and I can confirm it was yummy! I really liked the sound of the chocolate brownie and the doughnuts too so I may need to get someone to come along again with me soon.

 We were also very lucky and were handed goody bags as we left which I totally was not expecting so big thanks to the filling station for that. My favourite thing out of the goody bag (admittedly also the dogs) is the baseball we were given which the dog has now claimed both of ours and carries them to his bed constantly. The event was also to help raise money for CHAS, the childrens hospice association scotland so there was a raffle for this which we entered so fingers crossed and we also got some cute love heart sweets from them. If you are looking for a new, good charity to donate too then this is definitely a really worthy cause. I had a very funny incident with these sweets which is on my instagram if you're interested in taking a peek (@whatabbyloves). I upload a lot of lifestyle snippets and sneak peeks for my blog so if you're into that then give me a follow!

Keyring bottle opener....very handy thing for a student to have at all times ;-)

Have you been to the Filling Station before? I hadn't but now I will definitely be paying another visit soon!

Lots of Love,

A x x x

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