Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Go Lucky || MAC Mondays

Hellooo lovelies,

 If you're a MAC addict like me then I'm sure by now you'll all have heard of MAC's playland collection which mainly consists of pinky shades with a red shade and a gold shade thrown in there too. Being a pink lipstick junkie it was never going to last me being able to resist this collection.. I tried and I failed. I waited for so long that they were all mainly out of stock but then Selfridges got some of them back in stock and it would have been rude to not buy a few!

 I was initially drawn to Happy Go Lucky because it looked very much like it was the same as Candy Yum Yum from their permanent range which I've always wanted to try but had heard it was quite drying which put me off. I'm not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks at the best of times but if I'm going to like them they generally have to be quite a creamy matte. Since Happy Go Lucky is an amplified finish I knew it wouldn't be drying so it seemed like the perfect Candy Yum Yum substitute for me. Obviously I can't say if they're a dupe for each other because I've never tried Candy Yum Yum but they definitely look very similar.

 I absolutely love this colour, it's so bright, girly, barbie pink but it also has almost a tint of purple to it. I get compliments when I wear it because it is such a stand out colour that it will grab peoples attention. It obviously isn't the most wearable of colours and it definitely isn't a colour for bright lipstick phobes but if you love your bright colours then you'll really enjoy this one!

 As it's an amplified lipstick it's long lasting so there's no need to worry about having to top up your lipstick and it also means your lipstick will run out slower because you're needing to use it less. Even when the lipstick does start to fade it leaves a stain on your lips for hours. It applies opaque in one go too because it is so super pigmented.

Swatch on the right is Happy Go Lucky

 Like all MAC lipsticks it has the gorgeous vanilla scent/taste and it retails for £15.50...yes MAC have put their prices up AGAIN (sigh).

Happy Go Lucky on the lips

Have you tried any of the Playland lipsticks? What were your favourites?

Lots of Love,

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