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Perfume Collection

Hellooo my lovelies,

 Perfume is one of my favourite things and I'm one of those people who really enjoys changing up my fragrance depending on what my mood is and what I have planned for that day etc. So as a result, I actually have quite a lot of perfumes, I've decided to only really show you my main one's as I have quite a few that I don't really use as much so I just left those one's out. I thought since I have so many, I would show you them and do a mini review on them in case any of you beautiful ladies are looking for a new scent! I think one day I would quite like to have a 'signature' scent that people recognise me for and that I wear everyday but for now I quite like having quite a lot of perfumes! I also think it's really important to have a few different perfumes because later on they can transport you back to memories from a different time in your life, isn't it crazy how a smell can do that?!

 Firstly my all time favourite perfume is YSL Mainfesto. Firstly how gorgeous is this packaging?! as always YSL have gone all out on the gorgeous packaging. I think this one looks quite sexy (if a perfume bottle can be sexy that is..) and it reminds me of the body shape of a woman with the 'nipped in waist' (just me??). Anyway I'm sure you all know how much I love this perfume because I go on about it quite a lot but it is just the perfect evening scent that makes you feel sexy and sultry! I usually wear this one for evenings out e.g date nights or for special occasions like weddings. It has a really strong smell that will last all day or all night. Manifesto smells like Jasmine, Bergamot, Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Tonka Bean. I admit that doesn't sound altogether amazing but get yourself to a YSL counter and you will struggle not to walk away with this in your bag!

Secondly is this little bottle of perfume Nina L'eau by Nina Ricci. The first thing I love about this is the size of it, look how cute and compact it is!! Absolutely perfect for carrying around in your handbag if you don't travel light like me and like to carry your entire bedroom contents around with you then this is ideal. It is only a 30ml one but I have many other 30ml perfumes that are much bigger and chunkier than this one. I love the fact that it's pink (obviously) and it really pleases me that it looks like a little apple, I'm not sure why but it does! This one isn't really one of my favourites but I do love to use it if I'm toiling for space in my handbag or if I just fancy a change! It smells quite fruity/floral, obviously it has apple in it hence the apple shape, it also has the sharper scent of grapefruit in there and mandarin. It also has cherry, gardenia and musk so quite an unusual mixture but it is surprisingly nice.

 Another two perfumes I really like are by my favourite lady Taylor Swift. I really love Taylor Swift and I feel she's inspirational for the amount of girls she's helped with her music but I didn't rush into getting these right away as just because I like her and her music, doesn't mean I'd like a scent she's put her name too. However, I smelled them one day in Boots and could not decide which one I preferred so I've ended up with them both. My lovely boyfriend bought me Wonderstruck Enchanted and I later bought myself Wonderstruck! Firstly Wonderstruck comes in a beautiful iridescent purple bottle with gold writing, the bottle is so pretty and I love the charms that hang around the neck of it. It does smell florally so if you don't like floral scents I'd give this one a wide berth but it's also a really fresh smell. I am truly horrific at describing smells but apparently it has White Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Raspberry, Green Tea and Musk. I actually think if I had to chose between the two I would say Wonderstruck Enchanted is my favourite (not just because it's pink but that is an added bonus!). The bottle again is beautiful, a pink iridescent with an embroidered gold lid and this one also had gorgeous charms around it but they broke one day when I was carrying it around in my handbag. It was a very sad moment!! This one has White musk, Vanilla, Peony, Passion-fruit and Pink Poppy in it. Again it's super florally so one to avoid if you don't like floral smells!

 This perfume is Lady Gaga's Fame which is true to Lady Gaga's style with the black liquid inside and the edgy spiky bottle (which is definitely one to keep away from the eyes!!) I actually bought this one whilst 50 feet in the air on my way back to the UK from Italy, I wanted a perfume to remind me of the holiday and I'd been really intrigued by the black liquid so when it's tax free it would be rude to say no wouldn't it?! I absolutely love this one, it's one of my favourites and I know I will repurchase it as soon as it runs out. I'm not a massive fan of Lady Gaga, I like some of her music and I equally don't like her fashion but I do love her perfume! She stated that she wanted this perfume to represent 'blood and semen' and that it would smell like an 'expensive hooker', I'm not entirely sure what possessed her to think that would be a good sales pitch... but I can verify it definitely does not smell like that, it's very fruity and floral at the same time and the black liquid sprays clear onto the skin. This perfume is also meant to smell different on different people and when sprayed at times because of the way it has been structured with a 'push-pull' technology instead of the usual pyramidal structure. I don't know a lot about that though so maybe best to google it if you're interested! Anywaaaay I'm rambling! it contains notes of tiger orchid, apricot, incense, saffron and belladonna which is a really nice blend together. It's not very convenient for travelling (with a lid like that it's practically a weapon, I mean if you can't travel with shampoo bottles I'm not sure what airport customs would think of this one!) which is a bit of a pain if it's your only perfume. My only other problem is the amount this sprays out at a time, it releases really large sprays which means you use up the bottle a lot quicker than others but it does smell really nice so I can forgive this!

 This one is an absolute gem find! I received it for a present last year and fell in love and I never thought I would like a perfume that was just from a retail store but there you go I do! I recommend you all go smell River Island Paris because it is sooo sweet and lovely. I actually got this in a set with a smaller spritz version so this reminds me of my first year of uni because I would always wear it for going out because I could carry the smaller bottle to top it up with later. So this perfume holds very happy memories for me. It also lasts a really long time unlike Lady Gaga's perfume where it shoots massive sprays at you, this spritz's just the right amount that you need and i love, love, love it! I go on about my love for this so much that my lovely friend Emma (who reads my blog so Hi Emma!!) bought me a bigger version of it for my birthday. So I'm really happy that I have another one of these stocked up for when this one runs out. This one smells of white flowers, creamy woods, dark amber and vanilla bark and to me it just smells like partying and going out but I'm pretty sure that's not what it's meant for! Best of all it's such a bargain! It only costs £12 for a 75ml bottle so definitely worth looking at River Islands perfume range!

 I have two 50ml bottles of the Accessorize Enchanted Perfume, I'm not sure if it's a permanent thing because I got these a while back when I had a gift voucher to use up but again they are a complete bargain! They won't be to everyone's taste as it's quite a rich smell of chocolate, vanilla and musk but I really like it. It's not one of my favourites and I don't wear it everyday but I wear it if I just have a few errands to run because it's cheap and cheerful and I don't want to waste my expensive perfumes when I'm not really doing anything/seeing anyone. It doesn't really last on the skin great, probably because it's an eau de toilette but for around 12 pounds you can't complain!

 This perfume is an old favourite that I used to wear everyday for school. Firstly the bottle is amazing, it looks really cute and quirky and I love that the lid is a cat's head as it's a lot more interesting than most perfume bottles. This one has quite a fruity/florally smell and it contains apple, peach, green bamboo, vanilla orchid, sandalwood and musk. I don't wear it as much as I used to now but I still really like it and it's not too heavy so it's suitable for a wide age range. It's also super cheap because you can pick up 100ml for 20 pounds so you can't get much cheaper than that for perfume!!

I actually got given Queen Bey's Pulse perfume for my birthday from my auntie and uncle because they know I'm a big Beyonce fan! As much as I love her this isn't my favourite perfume. It is nice and I do occasionally wear it but it's more up my sisters street which makes me think it's maybe more suitable for young/middle aged teenagers. The bottle really pleases me as it looks lovely on my dressing table with the blue liquid in the silver holder but the smell just doesn't really amaze me, sorry B! It apparently smells like peony, pear blossom and midnight blooming jasmine and Madagascar Vanilla. I can't say I really smell that in it but I'm not really sure what it smells like to be honest, I'm just not a massive fan.

 Marc Jacobs Lola is probably my all time favourite day time perfume. I actually bought this for my mum for mothers day last year and I went home and I loved it that much that I had to go back up to the shop to buy myself one that same day! I love the bottle, it's a gorgeous purple colour with the Marc Jacobs signature logo on it in gold and I think the lid is super pretty with the colourful rose. From around mothers day last year to September this year I was obsessed with this perfume and wore it everyday. It's probably more of a Summer time scent as I didn't reach for it as much in the Winter and I think it's because it's very light and florally. I actually didn't think I was the biggest fan of floral scents but going by the perfumes I like I apparently very much do like them! This one smells like peony, rose, fuschia, geranium, pear, vanilla and warm tonka bean. It's a really girly, pretty scent and it's one boys seem to actually really like. This is the scent that if Gary says someone 'smells like me' then it's usually this perfume that he's referring to. With it being Marc Jacobs it is quite an expensive one but it's totally worth it in my opinion.

 Lastly, I have J'adore by Dior which is actually broken because the lid is jammed on it so I can't wear it anymore which is annoying. To be honest though this one isn't a favourite of mine, however it is loved by many people and my cousin literally loves the stuff so I was going to give it to her but then it broke... I decided to keep the bottle anyway because it looks quite pretty on the side. This one smells really florally and it was just a bit too strong for me and tended to give me a headache which is sad because it cost £92.50 (eeeek!) but luckily I received it as a gift.

What are your favourite perfumes? I hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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