Monday, 14 July 2014

Current Non-Beauty Faves

Helloooo lovelies,

 I'm finallllly getting the chance to sit down and share what my favourite things were last month that are not related to beauty. I don't have a massive list of favourites from last month but I think they're worth sharing anyway because these are always my favourite type of posts to read.


 My first lifestyle favourite this month is that I PASSED MY THEORY TEST as a lot of you may know already if you follow me on my twitter, I'm learning to drive and now I'm one step closer to passing! I will 100% say to anyone who is sitting this test anytime soon - revise!!! I was told by so many people how easy it is and how you don't need to revise but it's really not. I had revised and still thought it was pretty difficult and the examiners always throw in a few nonsense questions that you could never expect apparently. They do this because they actually want you to fail as a business so you have to pay them more money to retake, harsh but it's business I guess so you don't have much room at all to drop marks. I actually think they put them at the start to throw you too because my first four were ridiculous questions (about missing rear SIDE windows..yup you read right) so I actually thought I'd failed it eeek! So if you have yours and you think the first few questions are hard then don't panic it'll probably get easier throughout.The day I sat mine three of my driving instructors other pupils failed so revise guys cause it's really not as easy as everyone likes to make out!


 The drink I loved throughout June is Lucozade Orange, which I've always loved but I've definitely had quite the addiction for it in June. You know when it's sunny and you just crave that cold fizzy drink? yupp it was this that I craved. I really really don't like the original Lucozade though, does anyone else think that it tastes like dishwater?! (or what I imagine that to taste like hahaha)


 A new food that I tried in June and loved was actually red velvet cake. I think I'd tried it before but never really liked it but then my cousin had red velvet cake at her birthday party and I loved it. So obviously me and G had to go out and buy another one, it's Tesco's finest red velvet cake and mmm does it taste good! I think it's pretty much a standard sponge cake but the sponge is dyed red and then instead of icing it has cream cheese on top and in the middle. It's definitely worth a try but it is very calorific! However, something that I learnt after eating it was how they dye the sponge red which is by crushing female beetles which gives them the red dye. I have to admit the idea that I'm eating squashed beetles kind of puts me of a little bit!


 I actually went to the cinema twice in June and loved both of the films. The first was Bad Neighbours which has the hunk in it that is Zac Efron which is enough to give this movie 10/10 for me already. It's great to watch with your partner because it has the comedy for the boys and then obviously Zac Efron!! For me I found it to be very reminiscent of Project X, lots of wild party scenes and unhappy neighbours so if you like that kind of film then this is worth a watch.

 The second film that I went to see was of course The Fault In Our Stars which I really enjoyed. I've also read the book and loved it so I was quite interested to see how it would work as a film, especially a film with sooo much hype surrounding it. It lived up to expectation though, I'm not big on crying in public so usually I can hold it together but this had me in floods of tears, they just kept rolling but the majority of the cinema are crying along with you so it wasn't too bad. If you haven't read the book or seen the trailer it's a movie about two teenagers that are terminally ill and their love story.


 My last current non-beauty favourite at the moment is the Sims Freeplay app which I have a love/hate relationship with but currently I'm in my loving phase. If you like sims then this is worth downloading because a) it's free b) the graphics are amazing c) they regularly update it so you pretty much get everything you can get on expansion packs for free. Considering how expensive the sims 3 games are to get every expansion pack and how buggy the game is I usually prefer to get my sims fix from this app rather than loading up the game on my laptop.

Lots of Love,

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