Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wear Eponymous || Wishlist

Hellooo lovelies,

 I have my very first wishlist post for you today on Wear Eponymous items. They're a fairly new brand but you may know them from their twitter account which frequently hosts twitter chats for bloggers and gets heavily involved with the community @weareponymous.

 They have some really lovely pieces so I'll share them with you because I know a lot of you will love them as much as I do. All of their clothing comes in a variety of sizes (xs-xl) so there's something for everyone. One major thing I love about this brand is they're all about embracing your body shape, embracing yourself and being confident in what you want to wear which I think a lot more brands should promote! They're also very big on promoting healthy bodies, not just stick thin, gaunt models but healthy body shapes of all types and sizes. Promoting that being healthy should be your goal not being skinny, which there is nothing wrong with if that's what your healthy body shape is. They use environmentally friendly packaging and they only work with suppliers who give their workers their basic human and legal rights. So all round a very good company and they're also based in Scotland!


 The first thing I've fell head over heels in love with is this rose gold clutch bag, I absolutely love rose gold because I find gold a little bit too harsh for all the time and it doesn't go with everything. Rose gold is the ideal because it goes with both silver and gold jewellery and if you know me really well then you'll know I have a rose gold Michael Kors watch. I love how it's got such a lovely pink sheen to it too so a rose gold clutch bag is right up my street and the best part is..... it's only £9.99!


 I'm also loving this jumper from their website and because it's light knit it would be ideal for covering up on cooler nights and for Autumn/Winter days. I love flecked jumpers especially when they're grey, I really love black, grey and white things at the moment because they're so easy to style. This costs £24.99 and with all WE items you get free standard UK delivery but they do ship internationally too so fear not!


 I also love this top because as I mentioned before I have a little bit of an obsession for white, black and grey clothes at the moment which I'm sure you can tell. I like the lace at the top too because it just jazz's it up a bit and makes it look a lot more girly! I'd wear this with either black jeans or disco pants and I think it would look quite nice tucked into high waisted skirts too. A prettier take on the staple white top and it costs £19.99.


 This print is to die for! It's called a 'houndstooth' print and yet again it's black and white so it fits in with my current obsession. Since it's such simple colours it's so easy to style with high waisted things or just regular jeans. I love blouses, they're a must have in every girls wardrobe! This retails for £24.99.

Lots of Love,

*All images sourced from Wear Eponymous site and I was not paid or sent any items to make this post.

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