Sunday, 6 July 2014

June Beauty Favourites

 Hellooo lovelies,

 It's July already and I won't bother with the cliche "I can't believe it's July" routine because I'm sure you all know by now how fast the months are flying by but another month means another monthly favourites! This month I actually haven't had a massive amount of new favourites so I thought I'd be honest and only put in the few that I've been loving rather than just chucking things in for the sake of it. Anyone else get that situation where you find yourself wandering round your bedroom looking for things you've 'loved'? so I decided a few true loves was best!

 My first new discovery last month that I have loved all month is L'Oreal true match foundation. I cannot believe I didn't try this sooner, it's such a lovely foundation, it has SPF in it so it's ideal for Summer and you can build the coverage from light to full so it really does work for everyone. I recently did a full review of this product on my blog if you want to find out more about how good it is. I have this in two shades one for when I'm tanned and one for when I'm going au naturale.

  I've also been loving bright fuschia nail polishes, I love pink that's no secret, pink nails, pink lips, pink everything, I love it all but recently I've only wanted this bright fuschia on my nails. I'm not entirely sure on the name of this one because it doesn't seem to have a sticker on top of the bottle but it's a Revlon polish and I think it's called 'Fuschia Fever' from looking at swatches online. It could also be 'cherries in the snow' though because you can never tell with online swatches. It's a really good quality polish that doesn't chip easily, dries quickly and only needs two coats. I really like Revlon's nail polish packaging too, it's so simple but still very classy... it almost looks Chanel like don't you think?

 Probably my biggest favourite this month is Chatterbox lipstick by MAC, it is the perfect shade for me. It's what I would call a muted bubblegum pink lipstick but not like any other shade I have in my collection, it's the perfect every day shade for me because it's not a nude but it's not too bright and in your face. I've worn this so much in June to the shops, to events, to work, to see friends.. literally everything I've done I've had this on my lips. It's one of MAC's amplified lipsticks so it has a really nice creamy texture and great pigmentation too. Every time I've worn it I've had compliments on it and even been asked a few times what lipstick I have on because it's beautiful! I'd go as far to say that this lipstick is definitely in my top 3 all time favourite lipsticks and I have a loooot of lipsticks!

 My perfume favourites this month are River Islands Paris and Hollisters Silver Strand Beach. Paris is the first of River Islands scents that I have tried but it's gorgeous, the perfect Summer scent! I wore this a lot in my first year of uni so it always reminds me of nights out but it's very Summery too and I already have a massive bottle of this in back up for when this one runs out. I've tried quite a few of the Hollister sprays and as much as I love nearly all of them, this one is my all time favourite. It again just smells like Summer, this one reminds me of beaches, suncream, ice cream and holidays, it's so so lovely and I don't think it was expensive either. Hollister's body sprays are usually on an offer for 3 for 2, 2 for 1 etc. Again I love this one so much that I have two of them so I can have one in my handbag all the time, obsessive I know.

 S-factor's Serious Conditioner is something I've had for a very long time and I did enjoy using it but slowly it faded out of my hair care routine and I got caught up in different products, you know the drill. However, I was going through my hair products and I smelt it and instantly wanted to give it a go again. It's meant to smell like strawberries and cream which it does a bit but the smell that sticks in mind to me is mint choc chip ice cream! If I was blindfolded and someone made me smell the two I honestly don't think I would be able to tell the difference. I've been using this once a week in the shower and it makes my hair the softest it could possibly be and the softness lasts until I next need to wash it again. This seems to leave my hair cleaner for longer too, I'm not sure how as it is a conditioner and not a shampoo but this could also be to do with the fact that I've been reverse washing my hair. This is a technique where you condition your hair first, it does feel strange at first but it's actually better for your hair as conditioner softens it but often leaves your hair clogged up but shampooing after washes off extra product, leaves your hair soft but vitally more clean. So if you can get past the odd feeling of washing your conditioned hair it's definitely worth a try, many people have said it gave their fine hair extra volume too so if that's something your looking for this might work for you.

 What beauty favourites have you been loving this month?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

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