Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Empties Explained #1

Hellooo lovelies,

 Today I have my first ever empties products post and I've been collecting these for a while so don't think I've gone through all these products all at once. The first empty I have is a duo and it's the Bedhead Tigi shampoo and conditioner, level 2 which you might recognise from way back in January when I showed my hair care routine. This is in fact the same bottles and I've actually had them since last March!!! They've lasted such a long time but that is partly due to the fact that I stopped using them for about 5 months of that just because I wanted more variety. I really do like these, I love the smell of them and they made my hair feel lovely and soft but I found the conditioner had a tendancy to leave my hair feeling clogged up. I'm not sure if I'd buy them again just because they are expensive and I think you can probably get just as good cheaper but if I don't find something cheaper then I probably would buy the shampoo again!

 Any one else find that their conditioner always runs out soooo much faster than their shampoo or is that just me?! I go through conditioner almost twice as fast as I run out of shampoo and this one is the Mane N Tail conditioner which I also showed in my hair care routine. I really like this product, it smells lovely and it feels lovely but the one thing I hate about it is that it's a bright yellow liquid which leaves lovely looking stains in the shower. I don't know how great it is for making your hair grow longer because I already do have and always have had really long hair so it's quite hard to judge but I think the real test will be when I stop using it if I notice a difference.

 The next empty I have is Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash which I feel like I've had in my shower for absolutely ages. It certainly lasts a really long time and I do like the smell of it, it's very citrusey (is that a word?? now!) and fresh so I loved using this in my morning shower to help waken me up. Although I liked it I didn't love it so I won't be rushing out to buy another one right away but when I need a new shower gel (I have many stocked up) then I would definitely consider picking it up again!

 The body cream that I have been using which has now ran out is Superdrug's Cranberry & Pomegranate body butter. It smelled lovely, like sweeties and I did really enjoy using this. It had an okay texture, it wasn't amazingly soft, creamy and smooth but it was when you rubbed it into your skin. Again it was alright but I don't think I'd repurchase it again unless I was looking for a cheap moisturiser that smelt nice and did the job!

 Of course I have run out of my favourite mascara at the minute because I wear this every single day. This is the only drug store mascara that I have ever tried and actually liked using. It has a massive bristle wand which is great for catching all your lashes and coating them. It gives impressive length and volume and for a decent price. If you haven't tried this mascara and you're like the old me thinking the only way to get good lashes is by buying high end mascara- fear not! I will definitely repurchase this again and again and again.

 Sadly I have run out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion too which you can tell has been very very very well loved! I really love this, I won't wear eyeshadow without it underneath because the difference in the colour pay off without a decent primer underneath is draw dropping! I would definitely repurchase this again because it's fab and I couldn't wear eyeshadow without it.

Lots of Love,

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