Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blush & Contour Palette, Sugar & Spice Review & Swatches || Blogmas Day 7

Make-Up Revolution is a company that has blasted it's way into my makeup collection and blown everything else out of the picture. I went from having none of the products to lots in a very short space of time which I think is testimony to how good they are in itself. Recently I showed this blush and contour palette in a haul post and I thought I would do a review of what I think of the colours with some swatches.

  The palette comes with four blush shades, two highlighter shades and two contour shades. Firstly how pretty are these highlighters?! They look just as beautiful on the skin and I really like the pink one because it's completely different to all my other highlighters. I think it would make a really pretty blush shade too but I haven't road tested that theory yet!

 The four blush shades are really pretty too, my favourite is definitely the peachy coral shade and it looks absolutely lovely on the cheeks. I've also been loving the pinky shade above it for giving that nice natural Winter flushed cheek look. The other two I haven't tried yet because they're a little too full on (for me) for an everyday look but I think they'd look gorgeous on a night out especially the bright pink! I'm not so sure about the darker more burgandy blush shade but who knows maybe I'll grow to love it. One thing I will say about these blushers is they are super pigmented so a very light hand is needed and even better a duo fibre brush for picking up less of the product.

 As for the two contour shades they're very good for a subtle contour because they're ashy tones rather than bronze golds which gives a more obvious contour. These wouldn't make great bronzer colours but for giving you those perfect cheekbones especially in the colder months when you're not as bronzed then these are fab. They could also make nice blush colours too if you prefer a more subtle nude blusher.

 Have you tried this palette or any of Make-Up Revolutions blush palettes?

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