Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dessata Brush & Discount Code || Blogmas Day 10

 I am an avid fan of the tangle teezer brush, I have really long tangly hair and brushing it is one of lifes biggest chores and before the tangle teezer it frequently ended in tears. I've had my tangle teezer for about 2 years now and it's worked so hard and is long overdue to retire. On my Christmas list I had a new tangle teezer and also a compact one because I ruined my last one lugging it around in my handbag. So when Hairaisers emailed me and asked me if I would like to review a product on their site and I spied these Dessata brushes which look similar to the tangle teezer and it was like fate, I obviously had to choose one.

 They come in the most stunning range of colours, I genuinely spent a good ten minutes deliberating on whether I should go for the pink or the rose gold (I wish I was joking). In the end I went for the rose gold because it's something completely different and it looked classier than any hairbrush I've ever owned.

Also doubles up as a mirror hence my poor attempt at a wave

 When it arrived it came in this gorgeous box which is black with gorgeous silver print on it that when the light shines on it shows this pretty duochrome purple and green colour. I was so surprised when the brush arrived with a compact version of it too because I was under the impression that I was just receiving the bigger brush but all the big brushes come with a minature one. I think this is a fantastic concept because like I said I ruined my tangle teezer bristles by carrying it around in my bag. The brushes were just as pretty as I imagined and the little compact one has a plastic covering over the bristles to stop them getting broken or damaged.

The brush handled my tangles really well and is easy to hold. I also love that I can use the brush as a mirror too because the rose gold is so reflective. This brush set costs £19.95 which is slightly more expensive than other brushes but when you think that that includes both a full size brush and a compact one, it's so worth it!

 Yasmin from Hairaisers has kindly given me a discount code to share with you all so if you're after hair brushes, hair extensions or wigs then here's a 20% off voucher to use - ABBYKNOWLES20. Make sure you use the caps and happy shopping!

Let me know if you order anything!

Lots of Love,

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