Friday, 12 December 2014

Cosy Christmas Primark Haul || Blogmas Day 12

I don't really go to Primark very often because it's in the centre of town and it's always so busy that you can't really see anything so I tend to avoid it as a general rule. However, when it comes to Winter time I always have to go in because I love their slipper socks, pjs and everything Christmassy!

So this is one of what will probably be many Primark hauls this Winter. I actually was very good and restrained on buying loads which I was really tempted to do because I never do things by halves. Last year however I bought loads of fluffy pj's and my drawers overflow with them and it's quite often too hot to sleep in fluffy pj's so I restrained from all the cute fluffy pj's. Instead however I picked up three pairs of normal pjama bottoms because that's what I actually needed and it just so happened that Primark had lots of nice pairs.

 The first pair which I think is my favourite pair out of all of them, are these grey and navy ones with little bears on them. I love animals so anything with animals on them especially woodland ones is right up my street. These are so cute and I love that they have pockets for my phone which makes them the perfect lounging around in trousers. They also have the little cuffed bottoms which I really like in pj's now that I have an ankle grabbing puppy that thinks anything that floats about is a chew toy. These were £5 and they have lots of different styles and even though the band at the top is blue, it still has the little bears going around the inside of it which I think is super sweet.

The second pair I got were more traditional type pj's and they're in this checked/tartan?? print that I seem to have a slight obsession with at the moment. I thought they looked quite cosy and Christmassy too so they were well worth picking up. Of course they were really cheap being from Primark too so only £6 and they also have pockets.

 The last pair I picked up are again super cute ones with you guessed it animals on it, this time it's cute little polar bears on a navy background with snow falling around them. Pretty Christmassy and cute and these are the same style as the bear ones with the cuffed bottoms. The only thing that annoys me about these though is that they don't have pockets like the other two do. My favourite thing about them however is that they have pretty mint green detailing on the ties and the buttons which means it goes perfectly with the next thing that I bought...

 HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I saw it hanging on a shelf in the complete wrong place and it happened to be in my size and I was over the moon but thought it was maybe a pjama set that was missing the bottoms. So I had a hunt around the shop (thankfully having not put this back down) and I found them and they were just individual jumpers and there was only size 18 plus left so I'm super happy I managed to grab this. It's so cute that I would have been totally gutted if I couldn't get it! I plan on wearing this with the polar bear jammie bottoms above since the mint green ties it all in nicely however I also reckon you could wear this as a Christmas jumper. Since it's not entirely fluffy and has the jersey arms, neckline and the bottom of the jumper so it doesn't overly look like a pjama top. I've had this on loads since I got it, it's literally the softest, fluffiest thing.

It also matches my nail polish!

 The fluffiness also goes all the way around to the back so this is totally my new favourite thing especially in the colder weather. The inside of the jumper is lovely and fluffy too so it'll keep me cosy this Christmas.

 The last cosy thing I got was a pair of Primark's slipper socks which I have an obsession with. Like the fluffy pj's I went daft on these last year and still have loads left over but I couldn't resist getting one new pair. I chose these puppy dog ones, I think they're meant to be pugs. Although I'm not a fan of real live pugs, I just think there are thousands of cuter dogs out there and I think the selective breeding of them is pretty cruel, I did think these slipper socks were cute! They only cost £3 too which is definitely worth it for keeping my feet cosy and cute.

The last thing I got was some pants because Primark are amazing for picking up cheap pants. I know there's a bit of a taboo about showing underwear on the internet but the way I see it is everybody wears it and has to buy it so I may aswell show you some of the nice stuff that's out there to buy. I love the 3 packs of thongs they do because every girl needs thongs for leggings and dresses and personally I think they're the comfiest style of pants - although I know many would beg to differ! It comes with a grey pair, a black pair and a plum pair and they're all made from a surprisingly soft material. 

What do you like to buy from Primark?

Lots of Love,

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