Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Nail Polishes || Blogmas Day 22

 I love getting my nails done but after having both gels and acrylics done I've always found my nails dry, brittle and extremely weak for a long time afterwards. I didn't want to have the expense of having to continually get gel/acrylics on to hide the brittleness so I made the decision to not get them done again - for a while anyway. Therefore that means even for special occasions where previously I'd have got my nails done I just do them myself despite being absolutely awful at painting my nails.

However ramble over I have picked out my favourite polishes that I own that I think would look perfect for the Christmas season. You don't necessarily have to have these exact shades but if you just have similar shades in your collection then hopefully it will give you some inspiation.

This polish I have a love/hate relationship because I absolutely love the colour and it is perfect for Christmas time. However, Tanya Burr's polishes just don't get on with my nails they chip within a few days so if I'm wearing this for Christmas I would definitely be painting my nails on Christmas eve to make sure they were still nice. It's a gorgeous purple colour with a slight shimmer through it, if anyone knows of any better dupes for this colour then please let me know.

Another one is a bit of a random one, I got it in a nail polish set last year and it's this black shade with loads of shimmer through it. I love it on my nails because I think it looks like a starry sky albeit a really, really starry sky and I especially love this for New Year. I think it's a Champneys one which I've never really heard of before but I'm sure you can find it online somewhere.

I love a red nail polish at Christmas almost as much as I love a red lip. I just think theres something so classy about red nails and a red lip. I have quite a few red polishes but my number one favourite is OPI Big Apple Red which is basically like Russian Red by MAC in nail polish form.

If you're not big on reds a nice take on the colour is a raspberry pink shade. My favourite is Barry M's gelly polish in Pomegranate which doesn't look exactly like gel nails but it's glossier than the average nail polish. Barry M raspberry is also a really nice shade for this time of year.

Glitter, glitter, glitter. As a general rule I avoid glitter polishes on my finger nails because it's a horror to get off as anyone who has ever had glitter polish on will tell you. However, this is the time of year where I make an exception because it's so seasonal and pretty. I usually go for a gold or a silver at least on my ring finger or if I'm feeling adventurous then I'll do all fingers glittery. My favourite silver is Which is Witch by OPI from the Wizard of Oz collection and my fave gold glitter is Barry M's yellow topaz glitter.

 Another take on the glittery look is a metallic nail polish which I like to think of as the easier to remove version of glitter polish. My favourite two are the Crabtree & Evelyn ones, I have a silver one and a gold one and I think both look really pretty on their own or layered over the top of a block colour polish.

 As always I wear Orly glosser top coat over all these polishes to make them extra glossy and shiny which helps me not miss my gel nails (as much). What are your favourite nail looks/polishes for this time of year?

Lots of Love,

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