Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Him || Blogmas Day 15

 Buying boys presents as I said in my stocking filler for him gift guide is something I always struggle with. I've been pretty organised this year and have got a good proportion of my Christmas shopping done and just need to buy a few extra things! I'm really hoping my dad and Gary don't spontaneously decide to read my blog since this contains a good few of their pressies.

The first thing I got Gary this year is a set of his favourite aftershave. I got it last Christmas for him as an absolute guess and it turns out he loves it and has used it all so I've bought him a new one. This one is really good because it comes with the travel bag, a 50ml aftershave balm (which I'm not sure what that is...), a 50ml hair and body wash and the 125ml bottle of aftershave.

 This is a book I bought for my dad because he absolutely loves history especially about the area we live in. The book shows pictures of what the area was like before and now after, it also has sections on well known locations in the area and about what they were like in the olden days. It's definitely a present he is going to love, it's obviously only great if you live in the same county as me but there's loads of books out there similar. It's definitely a nice idea for dads and grandads, to get a book all about the history of your area.

A present I've previously got my dad is a canvas of our dog. I really like this picture and so does he and it sits pride of place on the living room wall. You can personalise it as much as you like and it's something that will last forever so it's a nice present to receive.

If you're really stuck for ideas and you have the budget then go for an ipad. I love my ipad and there's not a day that I don't use the full charge on it, they come in so handy for everything nowadays and it's a great gift if you're stuck for what to buy.

I usually always get Gary clothes for Christmas as part of his present because if I didn't I'd run out of ideas and I know he really loves Ralph Lauren so that's usually the brand I stick with. This year I got a long sleeved grey one and a short sleeved navy one and I know he's going to love them. A designer t-shirt is always a good present for a boy whether it's what they usually wear or a luxurious treat.

This is my dads and he was very proud that his jumper was making it into this gift guide bless him. I love the three different colours/patterns and think it's really trendy! Jumpers are good pressies for Christmas because it's such a cold time of year.

Do you have any other ideas for boys Christmas presents?

Lots of Love,

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