Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December Favourites || Blogmas Day 24

 Can you believe that blogmas is nearly over?? Its going to be so strange not sitting down and writing a post every single day! At the end of the year/start of the new year I'm going to be doing a 2014 favourites (best products of 2014) so to seperate that from my December favourites I'm doing this a little earlier than usual so I hope you don't mind.

 My favourite eyeshadows this month have been from my Make-Up Revolution Flawless palette which has gorgeous rich earthy tones in it. I've been loving the burgandy shades and the gold shades because they just look really beautiful at this time of year or with a red lip.

 I've also been loving my Make-Up Revolution concealer palette because it is so handy having a range of concealer shades in one palette. My favourite one is the bottom far left because it's really yellow toned so works well to counteract any under eye bags.

Christmas jumpers seem to have come out of nowhere and have taken over fashion when it comes to December. I have been loving being able to wear my cute Topshop gingerbread man jumper again. We've had the 12 days of Christmas jumpers at my work and I always get lots of compliments on it from customers and friends. Sadly Topshop aren't selling it again this year so I don't think you'll be able to get your hands on it, sorry!

Obviously with it being Christmas jumper season I just had to get Luca one. The only reason I was allowed to get him one was for his puppy Christmas party which was adorable by the way. I've had it on him way more than just that though, he's had it on almost everyday and he actually really likes it. When I put his harness on he wriggles around but with his jumper he happily lets me put it on him and it seems to have some sort of calming effect. I think it has a snuggling effect like the Thundershirt does for nervous dogs. It has a little Christmas hood which is a tiny bit snug for his massive quiff but still cute.

 It will be no surprise to anyone that dark lips are in my favourites. This month it's been Make-Up Revolution shades in 100% vamp and Blackheart. I promise I am not at all sponsored by Make-Up Revolution or sent their products I just genuinely love this brand. They are slightly messy to apply but if you take the time and effort applying boy do they look good!!! I am still slightly nervous when wearing these out but I've been much more confident with it throughout December and gone with it. The other lipstick that I've had on this month is Russian Red by Mac because it's so perfect and Christmassy.

My shower time favourites in December are Bob the Polar Bear from The Body Shop which has been renamed as Bear for the foreseeable until I think of a better name because Bob is not a name for a polar bear right?! I love this so much, not only is it super cute but it lathers up shower gel nicely and it also gently exfoliates your skin at the same time. I even like using this on my face because it's such a gentle exfoliant. I pair this with Lush So White shower gel which smells like freshly squeezed apples to get lovely soft skin. As I'm sure you all know by now So White is one of if not my most favourite Lush product so I really want them to make both the ballistic and the shower gel permanent instead of just at Christmas time.

My favourite Winter perfume this month has been Lady Gaga's Fame. I am not a Lady Gaga fan but I do love the smell of her perfume. The bottle isn't the most travel friendly and looks more like some kind of weapon but the scent and overall look of the actual fragrance itself is pretty special.

I had never tried Urban Decay eyeliners before this month even though I had heard they were incredible so I'm not sure why. This one is one of the double ended Naked 3 ones, one side is 'Darkside' and the other side is 'Blackheart'. If you own the Naked 3 palette then these eyeliners match the eyeshadows they share their name with perfectly, Blackheart is a black with red flecks through it which looks super pretty under your eyes and Darkside is a browny taupe shade which is perfect as an everyday eyeliner. When you wear these eyeliners with their matching shadows they look even more impressive but they're really versatile.

My Christmas time nail polish favourite is OPI's Which is Witch shade, it's such a pretty silver glitter and the glitter is quite chunky so you don't need loads of coats to build it up. I really like that the glitter chunks and strands are all different shapes and sizes so it gives a very nice finish. I've had this on this month as a top coat, an accent nail and on all nails too. It also looks really pretty when worn just on the tips of nails.

What have been your favourite products this month?

Lots of Love,

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