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Large November Favourites || Blogmas Day 2

  As I've been procrastinating from university work in the form of online shopping, I have tried a lot of new things this month which has led to some completely new favourites. How scary is it to think that this is the last favourites I will do before Christmas, it's not long now. Most of my favourites this month have been non-beauty related so instead of doing two separate favourites I'm going to combine them again..

My first favourite is the Origins Charcoal mask which I got in a set of three Origins mask. I use this mask after warming my skin up with a clean towel like the bottle advises so that my pores open up. The charcoal draws out all the bad stuff from your skin to stop you getting spots. I've had pretty clear skin for a good six months or so now but during November I got one big massive, ugly, sore one (karma) and I was determined to get rid of it. So I used this mask and it instantly reduced both the size and the redness of it and by the next day it was practically invisible and that was with one use. It also leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and I think my skin looks visibly more radiant. It also makes you resemble the black moon emoji so it's perfect for any of those thinking of attempting the emoji challenge haha.

My second beauty favourite this month has been Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I've had this foundation for about a year now but when I got it my skin wasn't great, it wasn't awful but it did have blemishes and spots. Therefore I didn't really get on with this just because the sheer finish did nothing to cover these blemishes which I obviously wanted to hide and I just didn't think it was worth the money. As I mentioned above my skin has been clear for a good few months now and I wanted to try it again and I really, really like it and finally get what the hype is about. It gives me a really nice coverage but not too much and it lasts really well on the skin too. However, is it worth the hefty price tag? probably not. As much as I love it, I also really like my normal L'oreal foundation so it's a favourite but for the price I'm not sure it's going to make my daily foundation regime.

 A brand in general that I have discovered and fell in love with throughout November is Makeup Revolution. As it is a cheaper brand I was envisaging MUA type products but not at all, this range is fantastic and if you haven't tried it you need too. One product from them in particular that I've had an obsession with is the Eyes Like Angels palette which is super colourful and a bit bold for me but I've used this so much. I love the rich browns, golds and reds and I've even managed to wear the blue shades, pinks and purples. For anyone who wants a bit of quality colour in their eyeshadow collection but doesn't want to spend a lot of money then this is your palette, 32 shades for only £8!

 I love a good old bold lip especially in the Winter time but the past few weeks I've also been loving really nude, glossy lips especially since I've been playing around with my eyshadow colours. My favourite combo at the minute is Pure Zen by Mac with Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea over the top but Mac's Cremecup with Picnic in the Park or Aurora over the top looks gorgeous too. So nude lips in general are a favourite but also those Mac and Tanya Burr shades.

Another brand I have been obsessed with in November is Fashion Prescription, all three things I bought from them have made it to my favourites which speaks for how much I love them. The first thing I got was a really fluffy khaki jacket, I have an obsession with fluff and especially when it comes in the form of coats. I already have a navy fluffy jacket from Topshop last year but I wanted a longer one and a green one to mix it up a bit, a girl can never have too many jackets! I was really nervous about ordering from them because you can't return things and ordering clothes online is always a risk when you can't return them. This jacket was so pretty though and it was a steal at £37 so I went for it and I'm so glad because it's so cosy and amazing. It doesn't have a zip but it's big enough to wrap round you and keep you warm. I'm so glad I went for the size 8 because I was unsure if it would come small made and then I wouldn't have room for lots of layers underneath. If you do decide to order this jacket then don't worry about them being small made because they're really roomy and cosy.

In real life it does not look shiny, it is just the camera flash that's made it look this way.
 I also ordered a rucksack from them because I cannot travel light but sometimes my handbag is way too big for the occasion. I haven't been able to find any nice ones anywhere that don't cost nearly £200 (cough cough Grafea). So when I saw this one I had to order it, I like it but I do wish it was a bit bigger because it's pretty small and can't carry much but I love it if I'm just nipping in the car too Tesco or to my friends house. I also love it for walking the dogs because trying to walk a puppy, a dog, carry poo bags and a phone etc is difficult when you only have two hands.

The last thing I got from Fashion Prescription was an 'intimate' which I use as a bra but could also be used as a bralette if you're daring enough. I wanted a bra that wasn't padded or lined with underwire because they're comfier and I can't not wear one at all because that's too uncomfy and sore. Fashion Prescription have amazing ones and it took a lot to not buy them all but I think at £19.99 they're too expensive for what they are. However, they are very beautiful and I have been sad everytime mines is in the wash. Fashion Prescription orders can however take up to three weeks to come but that's just because the intimates are handmade. They also do bra sizes ranging from A-E so bustier ladies still can get pretty bra's.

My biggest favourite this month and probably my best achievement in my life so far is I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!! Nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you've worked hard for something and when you think you've failed to be told that you've passed is brilliant. I was one happy bunny and I still can't get over the fact that whenever I want I can hop in the car. Once upon a time I said I would never learn to drive because I was too scared but I started in July this year and passed on the 13th of November.

 Since the weather is getting colder now I've been loving Primark fleecy jammies, especially my penguin ones because I love penguins. I've also been loving the slipper socks from Primark for keeping my feet warm, I'm already excited to go to Primark and pick out some new ones for this year.

My Duo boots finally arrived this month and although not the colour I originally wanted I have been loving them. They're super comfy (aslong as I keep socks on), go with everything and smarten up any outfit I wear with them. As they are black you can get away with them in the rain too which is always handy.

Another big favourite this month is my fluffy headband from New Look, it is so fluffy that it keeps me really cosy. Although it doesn't cover my whole head I find it just as warm as a hat because it covers my ears which is the bit that gets cold first and I think it looks really nice too which is a bonus. I do have one in brown too but I haven't worn it yet so that's my next look to try.

My last fashion favourite of the month has been this statement necklace which I think was from Marks and Spencers earlier this year. If you follow me on instagram then you will have seen it in pretty much every post with me in it the past month. I love that it has clear crystals because it goes with any outfit and it's perfect for the festive season. I've worn this for date nights, parties at Edinburgh Castle, birthday meals and also for everyday life so it's really versatile.

My food favourite this month has been Tony Macaroni, it has absolutely incredible food. I had never been before which is strange since my diet solely consists of Italian food but it is by far the best food I have ever tasted and I will most definitely be going again soon! If you haven't been yet then nip along and try their menu, the service was great too and they even give you your food away in a tub home if you don't manage to finish it (the portions are very big).

 My final favourite for November is Tkmaxx storage jars. A tkmaxx has just opened five minutes up the road from me and I am loving it, especially their jars section because they have really pretty ones. I've started a collection of these heart ones and they're great for storing cotton pads in, lipsticks and I also have two bigger ones with nail polish in. I have one extra spare one at the moment so if you have any ideas of what I could do with it then write below in the comments please!

Overall November has been a really good month, I've tried some amazing new things and discovered lots of new favourites. Sorry it was a long one but hopefully you have enjoyed seeing my favourite things from last month. 

What have your favourites been? 

Lots of Love,

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