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Stocking Filler For Her//Haul Part 2 || Blogmas Day 13

 I have actually already done Part 1 of this gift guide so if you want to check that out first I'll link it here. Basically my other stocking filler gift guide for her was huge and I've stumbled across quite a few more things that I think would make great stocking fillers and it's another huge one. This post isn't at all sponsored by the Body Shop, I just happen to have bought a lot of presents for friends and family from there and also a few bits I thought would be good for this gift guide.

The first things are the bits I bought from the Body Shop, I think this would be ideal for a stocking filler it's one of their Christmas scented products which all smell delicious, my favourite is the Glazed Apple scent. I picked up the shower gel because to me this is what smells the strongest of apples, the body shimmer also smelt amazing but personally I'm not sure when I'll want to have sparkly skin so I stuck with the shower gel.

 I also picked up some of the body sorbet's because I've been wanting these since they were released but because I have so much body stuff I put it off. The Body Shop have some amazing deals with 40% off and free gifts etc so if like me you want to pick a few bits up for yourself or for someone's Christmas then keep your eyes peeled. The body sorbets are incredibly mosturising, they are more of a Summer product but I would not complain about getting these in my stocking, they feel and smell incredible. These three are the three scents that I personally feel smell the best and the strongest.

 The Naked lipgloss is one that could be heading more into the main gift ideas but could also be a stocking filler gift, budget depending. I love these, they're incredibly moisturising, the packaging is beautiful and the pigmentation is great too. I think most girls would appreciate receiving this all wrapped up.

This is a bit of a random one but I have this bath pillow that I received last year in my stocking from my mum and dad and I haven't had a bath without it since!!! It's a must have for anyone who likes to have a bath because it improves the whole bathing experience when you have a soft pillow to rest your head on. The best thing about these is that they're so inexpensive and can be bought both online and in supermarkets.

The perfect stocking filler for girls of all ages is this cute little body loofa/exfoliating polar bear. How cute is it? Much cuter than your average shower loofa and they also do a penguin version of this which is pretty cute too!

The vanilla brulee body butter is another one of my favourite Christmas releases from the Body shop this year. It smells amazing, quite sweet but what it really reminds me of is cocoa butter and I have every faith that it will be just as moisturising. This retails for £13.

The Body Shop also have these gorgeous tins which are filled with their Christmas goodies. These are a bargain at only £15 for what you get inside, firstly you have the gorgeous tin which I'm actually hoping I get for Christmas just so I can store things in. They also contain a shower loofa, a body butter, a body polish and a shower gel. I wish they did this in the apple scent too but unfortunately they don't so instead I got the frosted cranberry one and the vanilla brulee one.

The reason I picked up the Honeymania bubble bath melt is because it reminded me of Laura Mercier's bubble bath where you use the twizzle stick and drizzle it into the water. Obviously Laura Mercier's version is much more luxurious but for those on a budget this looks like it might compare pretty well. It has this oozy texture and a lovely sweet smell. I can imagine how satisfying this would be to drizzle into your bath and from it's name I'd imagine it's going to create a pretty bubbly bath. I think this cost around £6.

I also got this cream cleanser because it came as a free gift and I think I'm going to give this to my mum because I have plenty of cleansers to keep me going.

I also got this hand cream which sadly came crushed in the post but the Body Shop are sending me out a replacement thankfully! I think hand creams are always good for the Winter and especially good in grans or mums stockings. I also got a little vanilla lip gloss free but I haven't tried it yet so I'm not entirely sure what it's like but it shares the vanilla brulee scent so I'm sure it'll taste delicious.


Another cute little gift that I think would be great for Christmas this year is a little mini candle like this one from Timeless in the scent 'Christmas'. Obviously it's name proves how apt it would be for a present at this time of year and it does have a gorgeous festive smell.

The last thing I bought wasn't really a Christmas gift guide thing but I thought I'd include it anyway because they don't really merit a post of their own. Boots had 3 for 2 on Eyelure products and since I always wear the same type of eyelashes and the Christmas season is approaching I splashed out and got three sets. However, if you know a girl who likes eyelashes or Eylure products then go to Boots now because the deals definitely worth taking advantage of.

Please let me know if you found this helpful and what present ideas you have for stocking fillers for her, I always like to get more ideas! 

Lots of Love,

* This post contains some products gifted to me by PR companies.

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