Friday, 19 December 2014

Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask || Blogmas Day 19

I love a good facemask so when I saw Boots had an offer on Origins facemasks, 3 for £23 I had to buy it. One of the masks in the set was this one which is one I've heard rave reviews on by so many bloggers and youtubers. It has charcoal in it which draws all the nasty stuff out of your pores which helps prevent you getting spots and to clear your skin up. I don't struggle massively with oily skin or getting spots, I've actually been very lucky and not had much spots at all other than the odd few hormonal ones. However when they do crop up I like to get rid of them and this is what I like to use to keep them at bay.

This does really make you look like the black moon emoji so it's not the most subtle or glamorous of facemasks but I really like it especially for seeing exactly where you've missed a bit. To use the mask it is recommended that you use a warm towel over your skin first to open up your pores and make the most out of the mask. I always have done this before and it seems to do the trick. Once the mask is on you can feel your skin tightening, almost like it's being dried out so I'm not sure how this mask would be for really dry skin. When you wash it off though your skin doesn't feel remotely dry, it just feels really supple and clean. This mask has become a firm favourite in my routine (I use it weekly) and has definitely helped stop those odd hormonal spots from cropping up!

 I think this would be a great facemask to try if you do struggle with spots or oily skin or even if you just want to keep those spots away!

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