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Lush Christmas Goody Bag & Haul || Blogmas Day 5

In my previous post I showed you around my local Lush store and their Christmas products and I was lucky enough to be given a goody bag full of products to take home and try. I am super nosy and love hearing about events and seeing what people got in their goody bags so I'll show you what I got in mine.

 I got to pick my goody bag and I was so torn between them all because they're so lovely, there was a spicy one but because I had tried most of the products already (and loved them) and the same with the Snow Fairy, sugary sweet type ones. So I thought it would be more interesting for everyone if I got one of the different sets both filled with products that I haven't really tried. The first one is the Whoop Whoop gift set and the second is Joy To The World.

The first thing I actually bought myself was a large bottle of the So White shower gel because like I said before it's my favourite Lush scent so knew I would get great use out of it and this retails at around £14.

 Firstly can we take a minute to appreciate how pretty Lush gift sets are always wrapped?? I despise wrapping presents, I can't do it neatly, it's too fiddly, I end up using waaay too much paper or discovering I've not cut enough paper and leave an annoying gap. So any present that comes already wrapped is a big bonus for me because it means I don't have to bribe my mum, Gary or my sister to wrap all my gifts for me (yes, that really does happen). They always have gorgeous ribbons on them too which I like to reuse e.g. give them to said person who is wrapping my gifts to wrap them with hahaha. When I receive a Lush set it is always the dilemma of I really want to see and smell what is inside but I don't want to ruin the pretty packaging.. the first always wins though!

 This set is Joy and it is one of Lushes cheaper sets I would imagine because it only contains two products. The great thing about the Lush sets is that you can totally tailor one to your needs because they differ in price, type of product, scent and size so they have perfect ones for Secret Santa and ones that would do as a main present for a mum or a girlfriend/partner.

Joy contains one of the soaps called Snowcake which to me smells exactly like Marzipan and it also reminds me of Playdough which was like a plastic dough that kids used to play with when I was little. Like I said in my previous Lush post I'm not a massive fan of soap bars in general but I think I'll use this one in my bathroom for hand washing. It's not one of my favourite scents but it's nice all the same.

I was quite excited to receive this Dream Cream because I haven't actually tried any of Lushes creams, body lotions or facemasks etc. I haven't used this yet but I've heard amazing things about it so I'll let you know if it's good or bad.

 The Whoop Whoop set contains six products so this is one of Lushes bigger sets. I was so surprised when I opened the box because it has this gorgeous pop out decoration which I believe you can take out from the box and use it as a deocration if you so wish. It's really bright, colourful and fun which pretty much sums up the essence of this box. I think this would have been great for fireworks night but also for someone who's really into their baths that actually do something e.g. a proper colour change in the water or ones that make a noise. I even think this would be brilliant for children because they'd love to make music with Drummers Drumming and they'd also like the bright colours.

 Brightside is another product from Lush that I haven't tried before but it basically looks like the comforter but with orange and yellow swirls instead. This one is a huge one so it will last a good few baths and you just crumble it under the running water to create masses of scented bubbles. However, the gift set version is smaller than the individual version that you can buy.

Avobath and Fizzbanger are two bath ballistics from Lush that I haven't even heard of before so I'm really excited to try these. I don't know if they're exclusive to this gift set or if they're just underrated ones but I'll be sure to let you know what they're like. I'm super excited about Fizzbanger because I think it's going to be a cross between the Sparkler and Cinders, it has a very zingy scent but you can still smell the cinnamon. It's an unusal scent but a nice one! Avobath like you would assume smells quite avocado like but again with a citrus kick to it. Both of these bath ballistics are quite large too.

It also contains one of the shower jellies which last forever and this one is Whoosh which I haven't tried before. It doesn't have an overly powerful smell to be honest, it just smells very clean and it's one I'll probably donate to my boyfriend because it seems a bit manly for me.

Drummers Drumming is the only Christmas product really aside from Northern Lights in this gift set. It is super cute and is a totally new release from Lush, it works much like the popular Magic Wand which is really effective. I'm expecting this to give me lots of bubbles and maybe a pinky/orange coloured bath. I love the cute little bells on it which Luca also finds really entertaining and has tried to pinch it from me several times! With these you just swirl them round the bath a few times and then put them on the side until your next bath, you can get so many baths out of these. I've had four with my magic wand and it still looks almost new! Lush says this smells like strawberry but I can't smell that myself maybe very faintly, to me this one doesn't have too much of a smell but I'll see what it smells like once it's in the water. I really like how it looks like those little Drumstick lollies too!

 It also contains Northern Lights which I have reviewed on my blog before and it's one that is definitely worth trying, very pretty and relaxing.

Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of Love,

* This post contains press samples.

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