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Lush Christmas Event & Spa || Blogmas Day 4


 I am a massive Lushie especially when it comes to Autumn/Winter so when I was invited along to their Christmas event I was super excited. One thing about Lush is that the staff are always incredibly passionate about their jobs, know lots about the product and they always have really unique, friendly, likeable personalities. I don't think there has been a time where I've walked in to a Lush store and not been welcomed by a friendly face wanting to chat about their products. This event was no exception all the staff were wonderful! Beware I did take about 1000 pictures so this is a very picture heavy post but hopefully like me you enjoy those!

 The Christmas products this year like every other year are exceptional. Obviously being the massive Lush fan that I am I already knew about a lot of these products sadly in more detail than someone who doesn't work at Lush probably should. One of the new things that I was super excited about was the So White shower gel because the So White bath ballistic is my absolute favourite and if I can get it in shower gel form then that's even better. They've also brought back quite a few favourites like the Melting Snowman, Golden Wonder and the ever so famous Snow Fairy.

One of the really nice gift sets that stuck out to me was the Lush spa gift set which contains some of the products that are exclusive to the spa (and this gift set). I think this one would be the perfect relaxing gift for a mum to be especially because it contains the massage bar therapy. A cute little story that I learned about Therapy was that it has the four holes, one of which sticks out because it was designed for pregnant ladies. At the time it was a fact that one in every four babies was born with an outie belly button which this massage bar represents, I found this so interesting!

 What's cuter than Butterbear?... a whole pile of them!

  I'm not overly into soaps in general so I haven't tried many Lush soaps just because I prefer shower gels as soaps take too long to lather up and they just mess the bathroom up lying there. However, I so wanted to buy this whole toadstool for my bath room but a) that would have cost me a fortune and b) it would be totally impractical but how cute is it?! Obviously it isn't as cute when it's cut into slithers but if anyone has any spare cash and would like to buy a quirky decoration for their bathroom then by all means buy the whole toadstool! I think a cool way to use them though would be as a hand soap in your bathroom because they'd look really sweet and be pretty for visitors (and you).

  I love Lush shower gels because if I'm not feeling like a bath I still want to smell lovely and obviously as I mentioned previously So White was one I was super excited for and just had to buy. I was so tempted to buy all the shower gels but I limited myself to just the one until I have used it up. On my next visit though I will definitely be picking up Hot Toddy as it has such a gorgeous spicy smell. I reckon Hot Toddy, Cinders and Melting Snowman would make the ultimate Lush cocktail!

Imagine receiving this bad boy on Christmas day, best present ever?! I think so!

We also got the chance to go down into the Lush spa which I was so excited about because I've wanted one/all of their treatments for ages now. When you get into the spa it has that fairytale essence which a lot of Lush products carry with the wooden furniture and the little china cups filled with delicious cucumber and lemon water.

We got to see a few of the rooms set up as they would be for specific treatments, this pink room is the comforter, I know, it's relaxing even to look at. Soft pink lighting, bubbles blowing through the air, candles and dazzling lights on the roof, this one is as comforting as the name suggests. It's a very warm treatment, you get tucked up in a thick cosy duvet and covered in a chocolate exfoliating scrub and get a massage to send you to sleep. You would never guess such a treasure is buried beneath the never silent Princes Street.

 Another one of the treatments that really interested me was The Sound Bath which is focused on tuning your ears back to the way they should naturally hear sound since there is so much background noise in life. You get an 'eat me, drink me' thing as you enter the room which again is very Alice and Wonderland before tuning forks, ear candles and a facial mask help you to relax.

 The final spa treatment we saw was Synaesthesia which is set to jaunty sea shantys. I was not overally keen on the music I have to say, I'm not sure if I personally would be able to relax to something like that. However, you get a full intensive body massage and watching the girl massage a clients back like that made my back long for a massage it looked incredible! I also really liked the green smoke coming out from under the bed in this one, it looked very magical.

The best thing about Lush spa treatments is there is a giant sauna like shower you can use before and after your treatment filled with every Lush product imaginable that you're welcome to use as much of as you want. There's also no rush to leave the spa after your treatment, you can chill out on the sofas sipping your spa water for as long as you like!

Thank you so much to Lush Princes Street for having me along, I had an incredible time! Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows post because I'm going to show my Lush goodie bag and the products I got to try out. Since this post is already a pretty lengthy one I thought it would be best to split it into two! 

What's your favourite Lush Christmas product?

Lots of Love,

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