Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stocking Filler For Him || Blogmas Day 11

 Boys are so hard to buy for aren't they?! I definitely found compiling gifts that are suitable for a guys stocking much harder than for a girls. With girls pretty much anything goes however boys aren't really like that and stocking fillers are even harder than main presents for them! Maybe that's just because I am a girl?? However, I have tried my very best and they've received the two main men in my life (aside from the dogs) Gary and my dads approval so if you too are stumped then hopefully these help.

 The first really good stocking filler for boys is of course chocolate. Most boys love chocolate, even if they pretend to not like it!! For Gary's birthday I actually got him a chokablok (Tesco sells it) slab of chocolate, it literally is like a slab of milk and white chocolate with gingerbread men on it and cute little stars (his birthdays late November so the Christmassy theme was acceptable). So that's my main chocolate recommendation for boys this Christmas and it only cost about £5 but it was so tasty that he ate it before I could photograph it so instead I chose these. They're Christmas related chocolates and they're pretty cute so if you know a boy who likes the taste of Christmas puddings then these are a good'un to chose.

Body stuff and deodorant. This is a three set from Jack Wills and they're all basically deodorants that smell really nice and manly. It's sort of a cheaper play on the aftershave gift and you can get loads of really affordable body sets at this time of year if you shop around.

Anything car related is great for any boy that drives because if they're anything like the boys in my life then they'll love their car and it'll be like their child and probably get more attention than you do. A little small car related gift is of course an air freshner and these Jelly Belly ones smell incredible, I have one in my car and Gary has one in his too and he loves it so I'll definitely be getting him one of these for his stocking.

 A funny DVD is always good to stick in a stocking no matter who you're buying it for. Films like 22 Jump Street and The Inbetweeners are ones that you can never go wrong with because everybody likes them. Another nice gift if you know a series that the guy likes is to buy the box set of that series for them so they always have them on hand to watch and rewatch.

I really like personalised gifts because it shows how special you are to that person and that you've put thought into your gift and its something that somebody who loves you will always appreciate. I quite often get Gary or my dad little personalised things when I'm stuck for ideas like photo frames, keyrings, mugs and even calenders can be nice.

Something I always pick up for my dad at Christmas is a relaxing bubble bath usually one that's got muscle relaxing or stress relief on the front. I do this for two reasons, one because my dad works really hard all year round and enjoys a nice relaxing bath to destress but also because he always steals mine and my mums as he has none of his own. So technically if I buy him bubble bath, I prevent him stealing mine!

This year I'm also giving Gary a shower jelly from Lush because he always seems interested in my Lush products that change the colour of the water and he's even asked if he can use one a few times. So I thought I'd get him a shower jelly because they're quite fun and this one is blue and has a very fresh, manly scent so I'm sure he'll love this. Lush do quite a few gifts that to me have that manly scent and they also have really fresh ones that most boys would love.

What stocking filler ideas do you have for guys?

Lots of Love,

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