Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Easy Oreo CheeseCake || Blogmas Day 23

I really enjoy baking but I have quite a busy lifestyle and it's something that I don't really have time to do. So I found this Oreo Cheesecake recipe online after being inspired by a post I read on here which I annoyingly cannot and could not find so had to use a different recipe (note to self - save any posts you would like to refer back to in future).

This is a quick and easy way to make a delicious dessert and it doesn't involve any sort of cooking you just need to whap it in the fridge for an hour or two. This was my first attempt at making this and there is a few things I would change to make it perfect as I ran out of ingredients (hence the two different types of cheeses) so heres my take on an easy Oreo cheesecake.

 ♥ 3 packets of Oreos
 ♥ 500g Philadelphia or other soft cheese.
   ♥ 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
 ♥ 50g butter
 ♥ 250 ml of double cream
 ♥ 60g icing sugar

 ♥ Firstly crush a whole 154g packet of oreos into a bowl. You can use a strong blender for this but I just used the end of a rolling pin and it worked perfectly well
 ♥ Melt your butter into a pan 
 ♥ Mix the butter and oreo crumbs together to form the cheesecake base and press it into a springform pan. Then pop this into the fridge to set while you make the filling
 ♥ Whisk your double cream until it starts to look like whipped cream and form peaks
 ♥Whisk in your Philadelphia until mixture is soft and creamy
 ♥ Fold in icing sugar
 ♥Add in vanilla extract
 ♥ Crush second packet of Oreos and add into mixture
 ♥ Paste into pan on top of base and leave in fridge to set for at least 2 hours. The longer you leave it the better it will work

This tastes absolutely incredible and is such a great, quick and easy dessert to try. You can adapt quantities for how you like it for instance I used a full pack of oreos for my filling because I wanted it to be very Oreo-y and chocolatey but if you want less that's fine. I also mashed my biscuits quite finely whereas they'd also be nice chunkier too. I didn't crumble the final pack of oreos on top for decoration because I ran out but it's something I'd definitely do next time. I'd smooth off the top nicer too just to give a nicer finish. I used two different cheeses in mine because my Philadelphia wasn't enough so had to use a Tesco one too but it still tasted yummy.

What's your favourite thing to bake?

Lots of Love,


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