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My Favourite Christmas Tree Decorations || Blogmas Day 20

 Christmas trees are quite personal aren't they? One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to look at other peoples trees from the ones with pretty decorative baubles to the ones with lots of memories on it. My tree is definitely one of those that has lots of random decorations on it but they all have a story behind them about where and when we got them. It would take me a long time to tell you about all the different decorations on my tree so I've just picked my favourite ones to show you.

 This one was one I got years ago when I was obsessed with dancing. I did ballet myself and loved Darcey Bussell and I also had an obsession with Strictly Come Dancing at the time I got this. I called it Lilia after Lilia Kopylova who was my favourite dancer from the show, I don't think shes even on the show anymore it's that old! I loved it so much that I actually hung it up in the car when the tree wasn't up and it sits on my cupboard door the rest of the year now. The glitter on her tutu is starting to wear off now but shes still really pretty and I love seeing her on our tree each year.

 This ribbon is one my gran bought us this year because she knows we usually have a lot of red on our tree. It's from a garden centre near where we live I think. I like it because it's quite big and looks really pretty on the tree.

The little gift parcel is from Jenners which is a department store in Edinburgh, I'm not sure if anywhere else has a Jenners? My mum and dad got it about twenty five years ago for their first tree together and I think it's a really nice decoration.

Every year when we were younger me and my sister were allowed to go to Dobbies and pick a new Christmas decoration for the tree because Dobbies always had the best selection. This little soldier was one I picked because he reminded me of London and I love London.

 We have a little carousel and a lot of the horses have broken off it now but it's still a sentimental one because it's one that I remember being on the tree for the whole of my childhood. It used to play a little tune too and the carousel ride was my favourite at Winter Wonderland so my grandad bought it for the tree.

I quite like this little robin that sits on the tree. My dad picked this one because he loves robins but I think it looks really nice how it can sit on the branch rather than dangle as an ornament.

Probably the most funny one is this one that we got in Disneyland Paris about 9/10 years ago. It says on it 'Mon Premier Noel' which those of you who speak French will recognise as my first Christmas. This was before I studied French at school and my parents don't know much French but it was nobody's first Christmas... my parents actually thought it said Merry Christmas hahaha! It was only a year or two later when I started learning French at high school that we found out it didn't in fact mean that at all..However, it still has a place on the tree for the lols and because I love Disney and Minnie Mouse.

Another horse related one is this hobby stick horse one because I was love horses and always had an obsession with them. I picked this on one of the yearly visits to Dobbies.

Obviously this year we have a little addition to the family so my mum and dad bought this little ornament to hang on our tree with Luca's name on it. They didn't have one with Erics name which I think is strange because surely Eric is more common than Luca given these are meant for children not pets!

One of my most favourite ones is this post box, it's so pretty. I apparently picked this one when I was nine and I still like it now. I don't know why but it's so quaint and pretty.

What is more Christmassy than a mug of hot chocolate? (or tea/coffee if that's your thing). My mum and dad bought this one from one of their favourite local cafe where we live because we all like to go there for drinks in the Winter and it just looks lovely and festive on the tree.

I quite like the idea of this one, my dad got this recently from Tkmaxx because he thought it looked cute. I think this would be a really nice one for anyone with young children too because we don't have a fireplace in our house so obviously Santa has to have his own key to get in and out, duh.

This one is another golden oldie and is my mums favourite decoration on the tree. We often would go on holiday to the Lake District for a week in October and we went a really long walk in the countryside one year and there was a shop at the end of it where we picked up this one.

I hope you enjoyed having a little look at what's on my tree. What is your tree like and what's your favourite decoration?

Lots of Love,

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