Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Make-Up Revolution Haul || Blogmas Day 17

More Make-Up Revolution products, are you convinced yet of how amazing this brand is? I once again have bought more things when I'm meant to be saving my money and I also have an ever increasing list of things I want to buy from Make-Up Revolution. I like to justify it by the fact that their products are just so affordable and great so it's a win win really.

How gorgeous is this?! It's another of their 32 shade eye shadow palettes, after I was so impressed with their Eyes Like Angels palette I knew I had to buy the Flawless palette too. This has so many gorgeous shades in it, I'm really excited to use the reds, coppers and golden brown shades. I think this would be a great palette for anybody starting out with eye shadows because it has so many neutral, pigmented eye shadows and for only £8.

I am the worst person for managing to stay up really late when I'm having to get up really early and as a result always have really bad under eye bags. I also have a problem of losing concealers even though I have like 50 of them and my other issue is that I wear fake tan sometimes but not all the time. I do have one concealer for when I'm tanned but every time you fake tan you're never going to always be the exact same shade so it's good to have a palette with different ones to choose from. I went for the shade light because it does have a few shades on the far right that will do when I'm tanned. I did consider the medium palette but some of the shades in there are so dark I'd never be able to use them.

The last thing I bought was four dark lipsticks because I've been going crazy for dark lips lately. It isn't as bad as it sounds because three of them came in a set and the other one was only a pound. The extra one that I bought happens to be the only one of the four that I'm not keen on!

Rebel With Cause 
Make Me Tonight
100% vamp

What's your favourite Make-Up Revolution product?

Lots of Love,

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